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January 22, 2006


Baking Soda

Love this! Children in Holland say "draadjesvlees" literally thready meat. My grandmother sometimes added some mustard and a slice of gingerbread (spiced honeycake?) in chunks for a more rounded flavour and at the same time it helps to bind and thus thicken the gravy.


Where I live, you can only buy liquor at the county stores (every county sets its own rules). You can also buy beer and wine at the county liquor stores, but you can only buy cold beer at beer and wine stores, though you can get chilled wines at the liquor stores. I still remember the first time I went into a grocery store in Seattle and saw a whole aisle of wine.

The carbonnade sounds terrific. Perhaps I will make it for a potluck that's coming up next Saturday if I don't bring a dessert instead. I think that Baking Soda's grandmother had a good idea. Some ground gingersnaps added later in the cooking might be good, though the brown sugar and currant jelly might accomplish the same thing in a different way, and I've never put currant jelly in my beef stew yet, either, so I need to try that.


Thank you for partcipating! The round up can be found here:

:o) ~Alicat

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