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January 18, 2006



Well, you've done it. I will have to try this recipe soon or I will spend more nights dreaming of bread that looks like this. The interior slices look gorgeous - creamy with those gorgeous holes. Delicious, Lindy! Good going.


Thanks LuisaI I think you'll get a kick out of making it if you do.
I suspect its a lot less challenging than that pork belly you tangled with!

Baking Soda

Good morning! Ready to do some serious hoop jumping today. I found a German description (incl. pics) of the recipe on the net, so I can double check myself LOL. Btw, your tortano is looking much better! The German one is looking very sourdough german... I'm on your side! Hope I won't miss a hoop.

Baking Soda

Hoop no. 1: do you really mean 1 tablespoon salt? Or as in this post 1 teaspoon? By percentages I would think 15 grams (slightly less than 2 ts, = 2% of flour weight)....


Ack! Yes, it is one tsp. Got it right the 2nd time, (on Day II) but wrong the first (Day I)-will fix the post-so sorry! A typo-but I thought I had proofread this! Thanks for pointing this out. Good luck with the bread!

Baking Soda

Never mind, thanks for wishing me luck, I'm going to need it, this is definitely a slooooow riser! I'm baking and blogging my day into oblivion I'm afraid, never done a bake-and-post-at-the-same-time marathon before.

Nan Bass

Help, I made this and it is absolutely wonderful but my problem is that the parchment stuck tight to the bottom and I was unable to remove the bread from it at 20 minutes, had to finish cooking and then had to cut off all that yummy crust and throw it away. How do I avoid this in the future?

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