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January 17, 2006



I LOVE this book and keep checking it out of the library. Should just buckle down and buy it for myself! The ciabatta recipe in it is out of this world. But your tortano looks incredible! Good job.

From Our Kitchen

We recently recieved a baking stone as a Christmas gift and it is amazing! We used it the same day we got it to make a foccacia. It made the bread, which we already loved, taste a million times better. We leave it in all the time too and notice an improvement in everything we bake.

Baking Soda

Wow this is one beauty of a bread! I plan on making the poolish tonight. I bake our daily bread and try to vary as much as possible, but sometimes the kids just want plain white..they regard it as a treat. (No additions this time mom!)Regarding the standmixer, do you recommend a KitchenAid? I love to have one, but as they are rediculously expensive in Europe, I want to make sure it can handle all kinds of dough well enough.


Baking soda-I wouldn't try this one without a stand mixer, though Maggie Glezer says you can do it with a dough scraper. It's just such a wet dough! I love my kitchenaid, and have been very happy with it- though I don't have the strongest model. But I would shop around and ask questions, no doubt there are good european mixers of the same high-powered sort, perhaps they won't be so expensive, not being imported?

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