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January 12, 2006



That is a pretty picture and it's worth clicking on it to see the big version. I share your horror of flash-lit dinner-time food photos.

Aren't those dumplings really meatballs like the ones in your soup the other day? Is it a Belgian affectation to call meatballs dumplings?

I would be thrilled to be served this over mashed potatoes.

Are you starting to believe that everyone might indeed eat well in Belgium?


Hmmm. All the evidence points to a "dumpling" as a creature either including, or encased in some kind of dough or batter, or something other than, or besides, meat.
But how can it be a Belgian "affectation" to call something by the wrong English name?
I appeal to Ms. Baking Soda (should she stop by), who is Dutch, but says the languages are similar. Can you think of a linguistic reason Ms. V-W refers to meatballs as "dumplings"?

I am certainly beginning to believe that Ms. V-W's family and friends eat well, at least when they are in her vicinity.

Baking Soda

Hi! Oh boy, that's a tough one. Meatballs ("gehaktballen") are usually browned (braised?) in butter untill brown and then slowly simmered on low/medium heat untill done. You'll get something like this. The only reason I can think of is that "your" meatballs are cooked in a sauce and not really fried in butter, so according to the dutch language they are not really meatballs, hence the need for another name? A kind of twisted translation error I quess. Like you and mzn I also expect dumplings to be made with dough/batter.
Love your stew pot! I own a Cousances oval pot, and a small Le Creuset one, both in ugly retro reddish orange. The other day I saw small -individual- black ones, gorgeous! Think of the cost when you need 6 of them ::gasp::
Hmm, I seem to have enough beef I'll have to make some stew this weekend! Tnks for the inspiration!

Baking Soda

Sorry, my first permalink didn't work. I hope this one shows our dutch meatballs

Baking Soda



Thanks, B. Soda, I think you must be right about the meatball/dumpling issue...it must have to do with poaching, versus pan cooking. Makes sense.
I had a look at that all that beef you bought (and packaged up)...amazing! What will you make with the endless sausage and all the rest? How is the sausage seasoned? Wow.

I actually sort of like that retro orange color on enameled cast iron pans. I read something once that Elizabeth David wrote when she first came across some Le Creuset pots in France- and bought some. She called them a "lovely marigold color," which made them seem charming.

I actually have a big old orange oval 7 qt one I bought at a yard sale...you could roast a goose in it, but you'd probably have a hernia to show for it. The matt black Staub ones have all the advantages of the Le Creuset ones, but are quite a bit easier to lift!


Perfect dish for a cold winter's day. Thanks for sharing!


Lindy, this looks like just the thing for the horrible weather we're having. I've been craving all kinds of stewy, slow-cooked things lately, and I'll definitely have to add this recipe to the list!

Baking Soda

I know it's late (at least in this part of the world) but a stew is simmering on my stovetop, and in the fridge are the sausages,ready for sampling tomorrow night..fingers crossed!

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