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January 08, 2006


Baking Soda

Hmm, I can almost taste this! I love asparagus, but only buy when they are in (their very short)season. That would be may and june here in the Netherlands. The way you cooked these is the way it is traditionally eaten here too. Just the asparagus, hardboiled egg and some chopped ham with -cleared- butter. Yummy! Btw did you know there is an all-Dutch fare topic on egullet?


Baking soda-I generally only eat aspargus in season, too. Thanks for the egullet tip-I will definitely be checking that out.


That sauce would never fly in my house--neither Zak nor Morganna will touch a hard-boiled egg. (Which means that for devilled eggs, I go to my mother's house and eat hers.)

Asparagus is one of my chiefest pleasures in life. I believe that I like it almost as well as I like chocolate. Almost as well. But maybe, not quite. But it is close.

My grandparents never had an asparagus patch, but a neighbor did, and he would gift them with huge grocery bags filled to the brim with the stuff. Ten pounds at a time!

I ate it raw, of course. Then, cooked. Mostly overcooked, since that is how all vegetables were eaten in West Virginia (and still are, for that matter) at the time. But we'd eat them in cream of asparagus soup, or simmered with butter and a little bit of lemon.

When it is in season--Zak and I eat it by the pound. Morganna has grown fond of it, too. After we terrace our backyard, we are going to plant our own asparagus patch, along with a new strawberry patch to replace the one we miss from our old house.

As for buying presents for your blog--I have found that I will go out of my way to try new dishes out now that I am not just cooking for my friends and family, but for an extended audience. I think this is one of the best things about blogging, Lindy--and I am glad that you have recognized it, too. It keeps us creative, on our toes, curious about the world. In a word, it makes our lives more interesting, and that is a true gift to us "middle aged" folk!


I like the sound of that sauce for all kinds of vegetables! Broccoli rabe springs instantly to my mind, but also roasted root vegetables. Also in the category of new and versatile sauces, have you tried the "mustard cream" from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Suppers book? She recommends it for with the cabbage and leek gratin (with which it is excellent) but I think it would be great over asparagus, green beans, any kind of mixed roast vegetables...

Your slightly non-canonical spelling of "oy" always makes me briefly imagine that you are a British skinhead punk band, circa 1981.


Barbara: My envy is boundless, strawberries and asparagus! Now that I am an apartment dweller, I only have what I can grown in pots on my little porch-mostly herbs, and on my windowsill at work-where my little lemon tree did produce an actual (one) Meyer lemon this year. I really do miss a garden.

Ms redfox, dear one: It is a rare child indeed who imagines, however briefly, that her parent is a skinhead punk band of any nationality. Can it be something I said in 1981? The mustard sauce sounds lovely- I haven't tried it yet-nor the cabbage and leek dish, which I have been thinking about making.


In Germany, people go nuts for white asparagus. They even have a season for it: Spargelsaison. It's all anybody eats when it's in season. And I love your digression on kitchen string. I get similarly evangelical about useful kitchen purchases.


Spargelsaison!-I love it- sort of an asparagus holiday. A very worthy occasion for celebration, IMHO. Is it in season the same time of year as green asparagus?


I adore asparagus. One of the (many) pleasures of Seattle is that it grows locally, and is plentiful and inexpensive for about a month each year. The one week at the height of the season that it can be had for a dollar a pound, I eat it every. single. day.

How would you compare the taste of white asparagus (which I've never had) to that of the green stuff?


Kimberly-It is a bit artichoke-y. Other than that, I can only say, uselessly, that it tastes less green. Well, I know, not much help. It was very,very good, but has not replaced green asparagus in my heart.


Hi Lindy,
I made this white asparagus+sauce this evening. The combination works great and the sauce was unusual and complimented the vegetable well. The ingredients are more or less the same as Hollandaise, I realized as I was eating it, but the texture and flavor are both different. Unfortunately, my Peruvian asparagus were not equal to the sauce. They were stringy, fibrous. But I'm excited come springtime to give it another try with some fresh local produce. Thanks for the recipe.


mzn: Glad you liked it. I really love this sauce. I'm waiting until the good local asparagus is back, too, though.

I just picked up some belgian beer (man, that stuff is expensive- and so was the beef- I haven't bought a big piece of chuck in a while and I was gobsmacked) and plan on trying a carbonnade this weekend for my friends.

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