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February 03, 2006



"Alsacian Baeckeoffe." Come now, we weren't born yesterday. You made that up, didn't you? It's really the name of a folk dance, I bet.


I'm picturing a folk dance where you begin facing your partner, and then start backing up deferentially, until you begin to bump into other participants, and retreat again,apologizing, until everyone has left the dancefloor completely.


We got a similar looking vessel as a wedding gift but until now I didn't know what to call it. So even if my earthenware thing isn't technically an Alsatian Back Off, that will be its name from now on. Thanks! Nice looking dish, too, and I'm a bit envious of your smart new banner.


Lindy - that's a beautiful piece of kitchenware! I love the colors. It'd also be the perfect pot in which to make the bread that I posted about today.

Baking Soda

LOL that folkdance! I keep seeing ladies in dirndl and men in lederhosen backing offe and bumping.

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