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February 17, 2006



Oh, that Frankoma brought back memories. To support our collecting habit, my ex-husband and I used to sell 1920s-1950s collectibles (because that was what we collected) under the name Blast From The Past for many years. I've had my fair share of Frankoma pass through my hands, though it never caught my fancy enough to collect it. I, do, however, have several boxes packed with Jadite. Thankfully most of it was purchased before Martha Stewart popularized it. It's wonderful stuff to look at, but doesn't make food look all that appealing. I don't know what's out there anymore--I seem to have gotten over the collecting addiction. Well, the antiques one. Now I collect rocks and bird nests, LOL. : )


I absolutely love the combination of chocolate and cherries; I have been making an oatmeal cookie recipe from the King Arthur Flour website (called 'Escapade in Oatmeal', I think); it's got chocolate chips in it and calls for golden raisins so I substitute dried cherries. It's so good that way!

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