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February 05, 2006



it looks good! i've been thinking about doing the same thing. show us the way!

Baking Soda

I've been trying to do the same on blogger. I soooo want my own picture behind the name of my blog...pff haven't figured that one out yet. Still so much to learn.. I'm curious to see the result!



Baking Soda

I like this watercolour! lovely!


Thanks . I found this water color (it is quite small), at a house sale, and I can't read the signature, or I would credit it. I have it in hanging in the bedroom.You see only a cross section-larger than the original.
I like the way the banner looks better on my home computer than my laptop at work, where I checked it out at lunch. On the laptop, the green border appears also on the left side, as well as top and bottom, but not on the right. I'm not sure why.

Baking Soda

On my screen: left, top and bottom but not on the right either...wouldn't know why, maybe the scroll bar is in the way ;-).


I checked the signature out with a jeweler's loupe, and the last name of the artist is, I think, "Landini".

Amy Sherman

Really nice banner!


Thanks. I'm not happy with the lettering-placement or spacing, but I can't seem to get the free on line image editor to do what I want. Maybe Santa will bring me Photoshop.
I'm thinking that eventually it would be fun to do a block print for the whole banner, including the lettering. I'm not sure what I'd do with the other prints, though!


I absolutely love the watercolor. Gorgeous. What a score. As far as the green border, on my Dell desktop using IE I see a thin green border on top, left, and bottom, and on the right it is green the entire width of the sidebar. But who's looking at the border!? : )

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