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February 05, 2006



Good luck with the game. My office mate is from Pittsburgh, and for the last month or so, he has been waving around something called a terrible towel. On the weekends, he also brings in a large Steelers blanket which he drapes over our door, and yesterday, he played, whenever anyone asked him about the game, something called "Here We Go Steelers," which I must say is nearly as clever as the terrible towel. I was also treated to the Pittsburgh Steelers Polka, and some song about someone named Roethlisberger. I doubt that he's eating anything as good as this today, though. I believe that five-alarm chili was mentioned.


Would it be unsporting of me to write here in caps that THE SEAHAWKS WERE ROBBED? My father-in-law emailed after the game to say that he hadn't ever realized that Super Bowl refs played for a particular side. OK. I'm done now. Thanks for your tolerance.

I don't believe that I've ever eaten a sardine, and I tend to have a hard time with anything that still looks like an animal. Sometimes I take this to mean that I should be a vegetarian, but I cooked (not quite 5-alarm) chili today.


We here in the 'burgh can afford to be tolerant this morning, no problem, Kimberly.
But a sardine looks like a fish, no? Do you eat shrimps?

Perhaps you could work yourself up to sardines by starting with those Pepperidge Farm goldfish? ;)


I love love love that sardine-avocado combo from Paula Wolfert - it's so delicious. I also like the idea of baking in rosemary with the ciabatta. I'll have to try that soon.

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