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February 27, 2006



Those HCB's look like my kind of bread - smooth, spiced dough, soft dried fruits. Lovely! Thanks for providing the recipe, and Pittsburgh-accent explanation... :)


I'm glad someone else likes hot cross buns. I've never made them, though I have had a few decent bakery versions in my life. These were a Lenten staple in my house growing up, but I could never understand it - why a sweet bread during a time of fasting?


Mmmm, hot cross buns. I was lucky enough to apprentice at one of the best bread bakeries in town, where the hot cross buns are full of dried fruit and cardamom. I never did get their recipe, but the trial and error has been a lot of fun. Yours look splendid.

As soon as I read your line about buying more dried fruit at the Iggle, I felt such a wave of homesickness for the 'burgh that I might just have to blog about it. :)


I remember eating hot cross buns while still living in New Zealand. They were a very light bread with some dried fruit, mostly golden raisens (sultanas) as I remember, a sticky glaze on top with the usual icing cross.I liked to cut them in half, toast them and slather on real butter.So yummy with a cup of tea.
I have not attempted to make them, but may give them a try this Easter. I still have my NZ cookbooks around somewhere.


I was interested to see the iced cross - I don't think I've ever seen that before, is it an American thing. Here (England) it's usually made out strips of plain dough (ie just flour and water mixed together). I'll have to check the bakeries and supermarkets carefully now and see whether we have iced versions as well.


I didn't realize these were a Good Friday, rather than an Easter, tradition--makes sense, with the cross and all. I guess I'll have to abandon my plan to make them every Easter, though. I did find this very recipe in my Bernard Clayton Complete Book of Breads. He has a chapter entitled Small Breads (or Small Rolls or something).

They are a little hefty as a dinner bread, and the family does prefer my baking powder biscuits...


Yup- we usually had them for breakfast, or with some tea or coffee. a bit sweet for dinner rolls, maybe.

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