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February 02, 2006


Raspberry Sour

Hi Lindy, that sounds most divine! I've been wanting to try some of Paula Wolfert's recipes for a while, but don't have any of her books. One question- what is harissa sauce??


R.S.: I hope you'll like the soup-I think you will!
Harissa is a tunisian hot chili sauce also containing spices (which may include eg. cumin, caraway, cinnamon, tumeric), plus garlic, and onions. I bought mine in a tube at the middle eastern market.


Mmmm... I love chickpeas, and runny egg yolks, and... well, everything in this soup, really, except for the olives.

I like the soft watercolor pears in this version of your banner, too.


Kimberly-Thanks, I still have issues with unequal borders as viewed on a laptop only, strange.....

No olives? Do you like capers? They might make a good substitute for that salty bit of whatever that olives provide.


for people who don't like olives OR capers, like myself, I would recommend just the tiniest dab of miso in the bowls you serve this in (don't boil miso or cook it!). It perfectly substitutes that "salty bit of whatever" and is extremely nutritious and delicious.

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