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February 18, 2006



You do, too, take good photos of soup! That looks absolutely scrumptious. Mmmmmmm. But I'm actually thinking of making the Muhjadarra today. : )

Baking Soda

This looks absolutely FAB! And I agree with farmgirl on the photo, it's great. I remember having my first clam chowder on route no.1, 16 years ago, we walked down to the restaurant accompanied by the sound of sealions and while tasting a bowl of this soup, looking out over the sea I saw a small sea otter! Those sounds and the otter are in my mind connected to this soup. Now to assemble the ingredients... Clam juice is a serious unknown item here (as is clam chowder I'm afraid). Oh boy, another dish on my to do list.


Note to self: Do not visit Lindy's blog when hungry.

I stopped by to check on the proportions for muhjadarrah (which I'm going to make as soon as I get off the computer), and got broadsided by corn chowder and bread pudding (two of my favorite things!).

Yum. Yum yum yum.


Farmgirl and Baking s.: Thanks. I'm trying to learn how to take better pictures-it's slow going sometimes, but fun.

Baking soda: You can use water or chicken broth in the chowder-it will still be good.

Kimberly and Farmgirl: Let me know how you like the M. It's definitely one of my very favorite things. I used up the last of my green lentils, and I can't remember where I found them. It's good with regular lentils too, but I love the green ones!


The new banner is REALLY pretty - and I can't wait to try the chowder! (I have shrimp in the freezer - AND shrimp shells - so maybe this week!)


Hello Heath- I see you have your own blog now. I'll be stopping by. Congrads on expected events!

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