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February 24, 2006



One word comes to mind regarding this post: YUM!!!!

Baking Soda

I. Am. In. Awe! Seriously, making your own sausage? I did make some christmas paté's, long time ago, in my Magimix. I love fresh ginger and I like -not love, but like, sage so this must be a winner. Could you maybe take a picture of the finished product in daylight? Maybe? I'd love to see.


hi Braden-Got to say, it's pretty good.Thanks.

Baking soda-They really look pretty boring. Once I get some casings and try some sausage-y looking sausages-I promise I'll take pictures. (As I was typing your name, I realized it: That's what I forgot to buy at the market-baking soda!)


Hi there,

I came across your website after a google search for Lotus Foods, and it's great! I can relate to your excitement about the meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid. That (along with the stuffing horns) was what my boyfriend got me for Christmas and it's so much fun! I need to get a copy of Charcuterie one of these days. So far I've only made one batch of be-casing-ed sausages, and I was surprised at how fun and easy it was, although they were uneven and one link split.

As for cleaning the grinder, it took me a while to realize that you can remove the corkscrew part, which makes the cleaning process much, much easier. Yes, I felt adequately dumb.

Anyway, long story short, wonderful blog.

michael ruhlman


You're exactly the person we wrote the book for. thanks for writing about your sausage experience. hope you continue and begin to improvise.

all best wishes,
michael ruhlman


I'm so glad you stopped by! I am continuing to enjoy your book-and most recently made my first proper pate. Thank you.


Try running some stale bread through after you grind the meat. It pushes out most of the meat and fat for you.


your generous

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