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February 09, 2006



Happy Birthday Lindy! Thanks for your kind words about my site, and I'm so pleased this cake is a favorite of yours too. Reading your description of it makes me want to whip one up right now! I can of course highly recommend Diana Henry's book - it's full of many unusual, inspired recipes. And thanks for the idea of adding some orange flower water, that sounds delicious.

Baking Soda

Happy Birthday Lindy! I hope you'll enjou a great day with your loved ones. Cheers!


Happy birthday, Lindy! This cake sounds utterly splendid.


Happy birthday! The cake looks splendid, too.


Hello Melissa- Many thanks for a now favorite recipe. Recently, I bought some rice flour, to try out your Persian cookies.
Hello all-and thanks-and a Happy birthday to you too, anapestic, as well as to Ms. A. Hope she has a good one and enjoys her yellow cake!


Happy Birthday! I like self-baking birthday girls... That cake looks delicious.


Happy belated birthday, Lindy! The combination of orange and lavender in this cake sounds quite delicious! Wow ... do you believe I haven't yet finished the three b-day cakes in my fridge and am already coveting this one??

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