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March 22, 2006


Lynn D.

You do make the most exquisite dishes with the lowly cabbage! I am still waiting for the right opportunity to make the raised cabbage pies. Incidentally, I did try the Savoy cabbage and while I like it, I still think I prefer the plain ordinary green kind. This is probably because I also prefer curly parsley to the flat leaf kind, which is culinary heresey, I know. Fortunately after years of growing both kinds in the garden and letting them reseed, I now have a hybrid half-flat, half-curly, which is perfect and which I can serve to guests who would snub the curly stuff. I am so looking forward to the garden season. I am also looking forward to "something for nothing." Any tips for outfitting the humble pantry and kitchen equipment? The linguist would be interested.


Hi Lynn- I do love the taste of a Savoy cabbage, but I'm with you on the parsley. I like the texture of the curly stuff, and I can't really tell the difference in the taste.
I do so envy you your garden, and miss my former plot. Soon I will start up with the porch containers. Looks like a couple of potted shrubs and a baby cherry tree may be returning!

Re the humble pantry and kitchen (a tempting topic for the inveterate pontificator): Is this a fellow who enjoys a fair amount of cooking?

Lynn D.

He enjoys the eating (ovo-lacto-veg), but hasn't had the time or the kitchen to do much cooking yet.


hi lindy, i adore ms wolfert's books, and especially the cooking of sw france; i've yet to try this recipe tho'...now you've inspired me to do so! thanks :)


Lynn-I'm giving this some thought. I think I could manage to become pretty boring on this topic..I wonder if I would know when to stop babbling on...
J-Thanks for stopping by. I have my eye on several other recipes from this book, too. There's a lovely prune, apple, armagnac sort of cake/pie thing with strudel dough I'm especially interested in....


This sounds labor intensive but delicious.

I'm also intrigued by the description of the stuffed cabbage dish your mother used to make.


Julie-It was a bit fiddly, but truly not hard.Sadly, my mother's memory is such that she can't realy remember much about her recipe.

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