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March 12, 2006



I'm trying to imagine coconut dulce de leche. Sounds pretty good.

Baking Soda

Hmm, why not use condensed milk, add coconut and cook it carefully to a caramelly concoction? Does this sound strange?


Baking soda- I'm sure that would work, and it would probably be good, but I'm kind of taken with the idea of the fresh coconut milk and sugar as the lone ingredients, and wondering how it is done.


Oh, let me talk to the oldies here, and I'll come up with a recipe for you. I think coco jam is exported, but anyhow, I'm sure homemade is the best one, as long as you can get hold of coconut milk. I'll get back to you on this.


Oh Kai, that would be terrific. Thank you! We can get canned coconut milk here. I think I've seen recipes for making it from fresh coconuts too-which are also available.

Tai Tai

I like your blog... I am just getting started on one.
I tried a similar jam called Singapore Kaya while we were on vacation last summer. We live in China and we spent part of our vacation at Raffles in Singapore for our twentieth anniversary (took the kids too) it was very nice. I fell in love with this Kaya or you could call it coconut curd. I was addicted, it was heaven on my toast, muffin,scone you name it. The ingredients are eggs,sugar and coconut... what is not to love about those ingredients.
Yes I brought a couple of jars home with me to enjoy too. I did see a couple of recipes on the internet, I will have to try someday... unless a trip to Raffles comes up before then of course. heehee. : )


I read your blog all the time, and when I saw you had received coconut jam, I wondered what you were going to make of it. I bought a jar at the Chinese store a few months back and it is incredible. Right now all I do is spread it on toast (and to be honest, eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon). But from the first taste, I've been sure there was a dessert application out there somewhere, probably with cake, waiting to be invented. But desserts really aren't my best. I know you'd be up to the challenge (I read your blog, so I can say that with authority.) I'd love to see what you come up with.

As for getting more, I'm sure you can. If I can find a jar by accident in Southern Indiana, you can surely find some in a real city.


Verna and Tai Tai: My jar is pretty much empty now, so I will have to go out hunting for more-unless of course, Kai comes up with a recipe for me!


hi lindy! i don't really have a recipe, but i've had a recent success with cooking down one can of good quality coconut milk with one-quarter cup of firmly packed muscovado sugar. i put the ingredients in a small slow cooker/crock pot on the lowest setting overnight, and the resulting caramel was quite nice. it wasn't on for more than six hours, i think, and there is only a very slight smokiness to it--i got to it before it started to burn, thank goodness, which could ruin the whole batch.

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