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March 22, 2006



I'm sorry to say that missed your post about Katiba, but have gone back and read it. Well! Coconut dulce de leche?! Oh my!! When you find out how to make it (without the use of almost a dozen eggs, that is)please do share the link. It sounds divine.


Will do, Tania.


I see Kai has worked her magic on you. :D

Coco jam with eggs is sounds more Malaysian/Singaporean. Filipino coco jam, a.k.a. matamis na bao (literally sweet coconut) is plainer, just raw sugar and coconut milk, as you've mentioned.

The recipe is roughly like this: 3 cups coconut cream (first and second press of grated coconut flesh)
1 1/2 cups raw sugar - you can use molasses or unrefined brown sugar

Over low fire, boil coconut cream till very thick, before it curdles. As soon as it reaches this consistency, add the sugar then mix continuously. You'll have to do this for around an hour, to make sure you get a smooth consistency. The effort's well worth it.


Ah, Karen, thank you. I intend to give this a try.


I am definitely going to try this recipe for coco jam. I've made my own dulce de leche (both from scratch, and from using a can of condensed milk-- both are good). I left a can of dulce de leche on the stove for a bit too long and it got really dark-- it suddenly reminded me of katiba, which is something I hadn't had since I was a little kid! Now, with my craving, I discovered your site! (It's great to see other bloggers out there covering Filipino food...)

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