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March 25, 2006


Baking Soda

Oh how I love recipes with weighed ingredients! I will never ever understand the cups-love, I even read an entry once where someone wonders why the rest of the world wouldn't switch to cups (so much easier ;-) )instead of grams or ounces, she thought it was a silly old world habit.
That rose-preserve sounds lovely and this cake looks great. I'm afraid I'm in the same area you were concerning edible flowers, thought they were a bit "Marie-Claire gold leave sprinkled chocolate cake" kind of thing.



This sounds divine. And the picture is so enticing. This will go on my "must-try" list!


Baking soda-I love my scale. Especially for flour that's to be sifted later! I added an addendum with a link to a conversion table you might like.
Ivonne- thank you-I hope you like it.


There is a Turkish shop on Murray Avenue? Oh, heart, heart, heart. Lindy, you've just put me one step closer to relocating. :)


This lovely rose cake looks both delicate and delectable. BTW, I stopped into Turquoise a couple of months ago to buy some kibbeh -- but I didn't realize they had rose preserve, which I've been wanting to try for a while. Ditto Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons -- it's on my Amazon wishlist, a reflection for my love of all things Middle Eastern. In fact, Lindy, it sounds like we're sisters under the skin -- I too am what I like to call "a promiscuous eater", since I don't have any serious food peeves, and I'm willing to try almost anything at least once.


Bakerina-Yup, and it's really sweet. The people are quietly charming and they make and sell their own yogurt and baklava, and several different thinknesses of filo/strudel! We have a newish Greek shop on Murray, too.
Julie-I'll say. Right before I read your post with the Cuisine of the Sun mention- 1 day earlier, I had actually emailed my Well-Fed network editor about reviewing it! I have a couple of older posts using recipes from this old favorite. If you're interested, they can probably be found with my little search feature.
Are you in Pittsburgh often? I think you and Bakerina should come visit the 'burgh again soon.


Lindy, this looks amazing. As a walnut-yogurt-coffee confection it never seriously tempted me, but your version looks absolutely heavenly. I will definitely have to do some hunting around for the rose preserves - I know I've seen them, but somehow my mental filing system is starting to fail me! All the more reason to just purchase everything the first time I see it :)


By the way, I can highly recommend this link for metric conversions - it contains a database of every ingredient under the sun, and allows you to easily convert between volume and weight:


What a beautifully written post, Lindy! Thank you for sharing your flowers-as-food epiphany with us.

I bought some dried lavender over the weekend for baking into a poundcake, which is something I'd never tried before. My experience with lavender has been limited to the sachets I tuck into my linen chest. Now I feel inspired!

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