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March 19, 2006



I LOVE the labels. Love them.


Did the armagnac ease that pain? If so, perhaps I'll to buy a bottle before we start our kitchen remodel. (I'm thrilled we're finally going to do it, but oh, the cost, and the dust, and the inconvenience!)

I love the labels, too. I've been all over their site, trying to decide which ones I might want... and having a running argument with myself about whether I could just make my own. (The architect likes complete design control. In fact, she's a bit of a control freak...)


Oh yum, would you please send me a jar of these along with one of your pates-grandmere? Either that or I'm going to have to cave in and buy BOTH of those cookbooks... Can you feel my pain? ;)

As an aside, what is up with this dried-plum business? Personally I think they should have opted for simple foreign borrowing: pruneau (even with an American accent) sounds ever so much more appealing than 'dried plum'!


Luisa and Kimberly: Got to admit, I'm pretty fond of those silly labels.

I used to use peel-off computer address labels, but stopped, originally because they were too hard to soak off for reusing the ball jars. So if you do design your own, you might want to make sure you use a label base you can get off again!
And yes, the Armagnac does ease all manner of pains. Tastes nice, too.
Melissa-I would feel your pain-if I hadn't already bought both books, and drunk some Armagnac! My excuse (for the books) is I plan to review them for the Well Fed Network. Ha. I really needed another excuse to buy cookbooks.

Re: Prunes in French: Not being a French speaker, I often pronounce French words in my head in ridiculous phoenetic English. This little joke with myself makes me afraid to ever say these words aloud, less I slip and say them that way. Hence, e.g. Pruneaux would come out "Prune-Ox". You see the problem.


Oops. I mean "lest" I slip up. Blame the Armagnac.


Well, keep in mind that you do have geography working against you in the French pronunciation department. Case in point: North Versailles. ;)

(For you non-western-Pennsylvanians, North Versailles is not pronounced ver-SIGH, as in "gardens of" or "Treaty of", but rather, ver-SALES. I once pronounced it the Frenchy way, and was met with finger-pointing and laughter from my born-and-bred Pittsburgher girlfriends.)

Oh, and I second absolutely everybody. I love the prunes, I love the Armagnac, and I really love the labels. :)


Bakerina-Re North Versailles as "ver-SALES": I was once on a local bus-the 67 Trafford, to be precise, when an out-of-town visitor boarded, and asked the driver if his bus went "all the way to North Ver-SIGH". He gave her the yunzer look-of-pity, and said, "Lady, ver-SIGH is in FRANCE."

As you know, we also feature "B'-EWE-na vista" (Buena Vista) Street on the Northside. But, hey, New Orleans is full of cool people who all pronounce Chartres Street "Charters". Somehow, it's different though.


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