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March 17, 2006



I love all of your charcuterie recipes, and this one sounds especially delicious. I would be a little put out with you for posting it when I'm at least five weeks away from being able to try it myself, but even I recognize that would be unreasonable.

Is there any reason why you couldn't use a probe thermometer instead? I love mine. It comes with a timer and an alarm that will go off when the food reaches the desired temperature. A thin cable runs from the countertop part of it to the probe, and you just shut the oven door on the cable, and it works very well.


Ohhhhh, the terrine. Everytime I go to Zabar's, I stand in front of the le Creuset stand and pet the pretty little terrines in their oblong loveliness. I'm glad yours is getting some use. That pate looks delicious. And sweet and sour prunes? Do tell, please. Can't wait to hear about those. In fact, wouldn't that pate taste good with a sweet and sour prune on top? Oh dear me.


Pate and sausage making? I'm impressed. The pate sounds very rich, and most delicious.


'pestic: I don't see why you couldn't use the probe, if it doesn't prevent you from keeping the pate tightly covered while it cooks. If you can close the oven door on it, you can probably put the lid on it too, no?
Luisa: It is damn cute, I agree. Now if I can just learn to use it properly...I'm working on the prune thing right now.
Julie: I wouldn't be too impressed. I'm operating on a very rudimentary level. But it is a lot of fun so far.

shuna fish lydon

meaty meat everywhere! I love it.

one day I'll do something like this at home. although, strangely, I prefer eating it when other make it...something about the process fills me up.


I love the fact that you have your grandma's Terrine! My mom is has her moms big Dutch Oven, those things last forever! I hope to hand my collection down to my son. Your Pate' looks delicious!


shuna-I was admiring your roast stuffed with prunes, and envying your meat vendors.

Melissa-Thanks. It was my mother's actually, and I love it. Fortunately, my daughter is a terrific cook, so I can imagine her using my fondest kitchen things, including this, very well.


How lovely that you have your mother's terraine. I recently lay claim to my mother's huge Le Creuset soup pot, the pot I remember from my childhood, and am loving using it. Nice to continue the traditions. And I am extremely impressed that you made pate, wow!

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