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March 10, 2006



I love your doodly little notebook! Great tip about keeping a running index at the back. I will be incorporating this in my recipe notebook ... Of course, I have to start organizing my recipes first ... [sigh].

Baking Soda

I follow exact the same procedure with the to try file. When a recipe eventually ends up in my ringbound notebook I'm sure it's there to stay. ::visions a grandchild lovingly thumbing my little recipe-books...:: LOL
How I love the cooks that assure you right there when you need it. Delia can do that too, so I will keep my eye out for Ms.Dorie.


Hi Tania-Thanks. I'm strangely attached to my little notebooks. Of course our blogs are records, too-which I forgot to mention.

B.S. :I must admit to similar sentimental visions. If I think about it, though, I bet our grandchildren are more likely to consult our blogs than our notebooks! Must remember backup copies! ;o)


The handwritten recipes with the little pictures are so charming!


My mom was complaining about her old school recipes, that have been passed down from generation to generation, falling apart. Not wanting to have to re-write them every few years, I decided to make her an online recipe organizer to keep her recipes.
While figuring out how to make it/what features I should implement, I decided to make it so that anyone can register a user and upload their recipes as well.

I invite anyone who is having the same problems to go to

and make a user to back up your recipes and be able to access them anywhere with an internet connection.

Also you can view other recipes users have uploaded to get new idea's and add new recipes to your cooking repertoire.

Organize - Print - Email


jon- That is an excellent idea- thank you.

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