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March 08, 2006



I've been lurking awhile, enjoying your posts and the Pittsburgh local color.

This mousse looks simple to make, but pretty and sophisticated and sounds delicious -- which is a great set of attributes for a recipe.


I'm not the most accomplished cook in the world, but I had a gustatory intuition that there SHOULD be such a thing as an olive cookie and I am so glad you found one.


Can you believe that based on your review of the soup last time (no, I haven't made it yet), I ordered The New Spanish Table? Here's another one I know I'll have to try. I love white chocolate and passionfruit together, and the addition of yogurt seems wonderfully inspired. It even helps to justify it as a 'no special occasion needed' kind of dessert, if you ask me! p.s. I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying the scourtins!!


Julie-Welcome, and thank you.
zp: They are so fine. We can thank Melissa for them-as I have done several times already.
Melissa-I am already regretting taking this cookbook back to the library. I actually went back to take it out again and it was gone! Measures will have to be taken.


Hi I was surfing for white chocolate mousse recipies and came across your blog. This recipie sounds delicious and elegant. I have a few recipies calling for passionfruit but could not find it. I found out that goya carries a frozen fruit pulp. I found it in the mexican section at a Pricerite store. I can't wait to try it with this recipie. I checked your profile and see you are from Pittsburgh, so am I! Unfortunatly, there is not a pricerite near you but there may be some ethnic food stores that carry the frozen fruit pulps. Thank-you for sharing the recipie.


This was written a while back, and I'm fairly sure the passion fruit pulp will be available by now at my local fancier "Market District" Giant Eagle, or Whole Foods. I'm glad you brought it to my attention- I'd forgotten about the recipe. I think I may make it for a birthday dinner coming up soon.

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