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April 02, 2006



My poor, overworked office mate K., who is from Pittsburgh, is responsible for ordering our Saturday lunches during busy season. Yesterday, we got barbecue from Red Hot & Blue, and it was terrific. K., however, felt that coleslaw was unnecessary, and the southerners in the office were faced with the harsh reality of a pulled pork sandwich without any slaw, and they were decidedly unhappy.

My own coleslaw experience has been similar to yours (before you adopted the standard recipe), and it's good to have something that I know will be just right.


Lindy, I take it this is THE slaw you mentioned in a comment on my blog??

I grew up eating vinaigrette-dressed coleslaws, which were tasty but by no means "classic," if you know what I mean. Well, this sounds like The Classic. I can almost imagine its creamy coolness, its crunchy chewiness, its perfect slaw-ness. Yes, it sounds like just the thing to serve next to a side of gloriously greasy ribs or fish and chips. I will certainly have to try it for a Salad Sunday!


I adore coleslaw and this one sounds great, I'll definately give this a try.

Baking Soda

I love coleslaw! But the ones you can buy here ready made don't have "it". Let's see if I can convert my husband..


Anapestic: Pulled pork without coleslaw...this is terribly sad.
Tania: Yes it is..your post started me thinking about it, actually.
Baking s. and Pamela: Thanks. I hope you like it.


Yum - I love what you wrote about coleslaw and the 'disharmony' it can create in a meal if it's no good. This version sounds great, and just the thing next to my big pot of baked beans... I loved the round-up and getting to know some new blogs. Thank you! I'm sorry I couldn't participate - Ben's weekend-long packing-and-moving job kept me from my kitchen entirely... sob.


Looks good. Coleslaw is an essential ingredient in a pastrami sandwich as far as I'm concerned.


Oh, what a trip down memory lane. I actually worked for a short while in the small town that housed that little cafe--and my ex-husband sold Peter (known as Brother Peter back then) and his wife their very first bread oven--and several subsequently larger ones as the years went by.

I have Peter's first bread book (among others) and have noticed that one of their "secrets" appears to be using more butter/sugar/other "bad for you" ingredient than you would ever consider using yourself. Looks like this slaw is right in line with all that mayo. I bet it's sublime. (After years and years, I still get a laugh reading the R.S.V.P. reader's requested recipes in Bon Appetit magazine because inevitably in every single issue there is at least one--sometimes two or three--recipe that calls for a very substantial amount of heavy cream. Of course the recipe is delicous! : )


Farmgirl-I think you have the key to the "restaurant food is different" thing right there. If you use unbelievable quantites of butter and cream, it's going to taste amazing, and they do that very thing.
I view this type of slaw as a fabulous condiment, rather than a salad. And it's just what I want "on the side"-which is where it belongs!


Luisa-I'm thinking about making some baked beans myself shortly. Maybe it was the NYT article that got me going.
Julie-It has been a long while since I had me some pastrami..I really like pastrami sandwiches with fried egg on top? (Talk about applying food directly to the arteries.)


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I personally like the mayo type cole slaw so much more so than the vinegar dressed ones you sometimes see. I'll have to see if mine comes out perfectly!


I see you mention fennel slaw. We ate some at a little seafood place in Newport OR called Local Ocean Restaurant. It had an oil and vinegar dressing of some sort. It was wonderful and I am looking for a good recipe for fennel slaw now. Can you help me?


Jeanie-Here you go. There is a fennel slaw recipe here:

I am very fond of this slaw.


Thanks for the recipe - made it at the last minute before a BBQ and everyone loved it. Added celery salt, dill, and sliced scallions.

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