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April 26, 2006



I've never noticed buffalo meat at our local supermarkets. I wonder if it's there and I just haven't paid attention.

Don't know the answer to your song questions but my vote is for cloudless. "The skies were intermittently sunny all day" does not sound song worthy. Of course, no clouds, no rain. I think that would cause discouraging words.


I don't like venison, either, and have always steered clear of buffalo thinking it would taste too much like venison. Perhaps I'll rethink that now; I'm surprised that McGinnis Sisters or W.F. don't carry it, though. These corn dumplings sound suplime--as a Pennsylvania Dutch girl I'm a big fan of dumplings!


Corn dumplings??? I was interested in the buffalo, but then you mentioned these and now they're all I can think about.


I don't think I have ever tried buffalo. Is it worth getting the frozen ground meat if there isn't any fresh around? I never see it in any of my usual stops.
Also, just kind of curious: do they call it bison or buffalo at the Iggle? Around here (Milwaukee) it's always bison.


Julie-After pondering this useless question for all these years (I have not been pondering it the whole time, heh) I have more or less concluded that the writer didn't care a bit about the weather, and was going for scan at the expense of meaning.
Rebecca-Not a bit like venison. You know, they may well have it at either of those places-I'm not often at either because I don't have a car. I can go to the Strip at lunch from work, though.
Luisa-I am a dumpling lover. Sadly, I'm beginning to resemble one. Not unrelated.
mzn: I've seem it called both. (Initially, I typed "I've seen it called 'broth"'. That would have ben confusing.) I've frozen the fresh stuff myself, and the burgers were still good.


I like venison and buffalo. I've found that grass-fed beef tastes a lot like buffalo meat - meatier but also cleaner. All good.


How are you liking this book? I remember reading the review of it and being absolutely intrigued (I have vivid memoris of sampling foods on a field trip to a reservation), but I supposed that it would be generally challenging to cook from (specifically, to shop).

And I totally agree with the weird red meat idea. I remember the first time I had lamb (which isn't that weird, but far weirder in the country than anywhere else in the world). It didn't taste bad at all, but it was distinctly not beef, and, in my opinion, may as well have been dog, as unfamiliar as it was.

But I've developed an additional theory: unfamiliar red meat is easier to accept on the bone. I believe this to be true because the only times I remember really enjoying lamb where in chop and shank forms.

Anyhow, I started this comment only intending to say how much I admire your beautiful bowl in the photo. I cannot wait to compile some lovely dishes.


LB:I have several friends who don't eat lamb at all, not having been brought up with it. I am always trying to remember who doesn't like what food-it's hard to keep straight sometimes. Haven't tested the on-the-bone-theory-the only venison I had was boneless!
I'm not sure about the book yet-I haven't cooked much from it. It is interesting to read, though.
thanks about the dishes. The underplate is one of 2 I got in the goodwill. Having a blog is a very good excuse for picking up odds and ends of attractive dishes that aren't enough to make a set!

Marlene Divina

It is always so interesting to read what folks have to say about the recipes in our cookbook. I, too, am obviously a fan of my husband's corn dumplings - they are lighter than the usual dumplings everyone is familiar with, I think. Thanks again for trying our recipes. You may notice, that if an ingredient isn't typical of your usual grocery store, we do give alternatives. And yes, buffalo meat is getting easier and easier to find, considering it is better for you than beef, and being healthy is on many peoples minds nowadays. Soon Fernando and I will have a webpage of our own, so watch for it! Thanks again!

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