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April 24, 2006



What a cute plate! Recipe sounds good, too. BTW, if you like fried fish, did you ever get into going to the church lenten fish fries? Some of them are really great. Last year we started going to a different one every Friday; I wrote about it on the blog.


I love chermoula, too. It seems to enhance every kind of fish, especially those that are baked or grilled.


I like Claudia Roden's chermoula recipes a lot.

And, unrelated, have you had the honey they sell at the Greek Gourmet on Murray Ave? It's the best honey I've ever had, ever. And within walking distance . . .


Rebecca-thanks-It's from the Goodwill. The blog is a great excuse for buying such one off items. I like, but fear, your fish fry idea. I am already not svelte.

Brett-Utterly agree.

zp: For some reason, I didn't find this in the Roden book until I saw it elsewhere, and started comparing recipes. Haven't had the honey yet, but stop frequently at the Greek shop. It looks like the yummy Cypriot thyme stuff. I must use up the rest of my farm stand honey splurge from last year, and then I will try it. I was glad to see they have orange flower water and rose water.

A nice shop-Have you been to the Turkish one near Bartlett St. and Murray? Cool stuff, and the people are very sweet. Last time I was there I was offered a cup of tea.


I'm with you on the frying fish at home thing. Yikes!

I've never heard of chermoula but I'm with you on the chermoula and fish thing too. It sounds so good. I can't wait to try it.

Baking Soda

Sounds lovely. Going to try this one soon. We love fish and likewise I'd rather not fry at home. The kids love their "kibbeling", these are small pieces of cod, dipped in a spicy batter and deep fried. I buy those ready made...

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