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April 28, 2006



You could toss a few strands of saffron in there and it would be all fancy.


I frequently do something very much like this without the ginger and basil. I use basil if I have fresh basil around which I usually don't in the winter, but ginger is a completely new idea -- and so completely counterintuitive with the rest of these ingredients that I have to try it out.

Lynn D.

I am a big fan of Viana La Place. Verdura and Pasta Fresca were a godsend when The Vegetarian lived with us. They would be equally helpful for anyone who receives a weekly farm box or has a vegetable garden. I haven't come across Unplugged.


I, too, have been a Viana La Place fan since a friend gave me Cucina Fresca back in the 80s. I cooked a lot out of that book; then got Pasta Fresca as well. I have Unplugged but haven't used it as much because, well, I'm not really unplugged. This combination sounds super, though.


zp-Mmm. It would be fancy. Maybe when I get tired of eating the plain version constantly.
Julie-I think you will like the ginger; it does it for me.
Lynn D. and Rebecca-How is it that I missed Viana La Place until now? I have always spent unconscionable amounts of time examining all the cookbooks in bookstores. I did spend a chunk of the eighties in law school, though, and all of it with a child-maybe I missed more stuff.
I'm not unplugged either,usually. I do love to slice veggies, though, and mash things in my stone mortar. I see the appeal.


Thanks for bringing Vivian La Place to my attention. i'm quite far from unplugged, but I look forward to checking out one of her books as soon as I am able.


I was in a mood like this last Friday & my meal was very embarrasing, I cooked up some dried pasta & the sauce was something red I found in my freezer, it had been there so long I cant rememebr what it was though had a feeling it was definitely NOT a pasta sauce, added some leftover baby spinach & grated some parmesan on top & wallah dinner & actually was pretty tasty amazingly. Was so rushed the dishes didnt get done til Sunday either!


Sounds amazing!

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