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April 20, 2006



Ispanakhi Pkhali sounds like a most delicious thing. What a great recipe for this time of year when spinach is so available at the farmer's market. And what a healthy alternative to cheese and crackers.

My only question: how do you pronounce Ispanakhi Pkhali. I'm pretty baffled.


I love your picture. Lots of lines and shapes, great texture, very abstract, but also yummy looking.

I'm with Julie: I'd rather eat this food than say it.


J and mzn: Thanks.No idea how to say it-in fact, I can hardly type it. Hence "I.P." It is tasty, however.


I, too, got into baking crackers a couple of years ago. There are some wonderful oat crackers in the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook. It also gave me an excuse to use my docker, which was new at the time. (And still doesn't get many outings.)


I do lavosh, too but at the moment am most intrigued by the "IP"! And I'm trying to figure out, once it's scored, you'd separate the pieces for crackers? Or is it something to eat with a fork? Or ... help! AK


Rebecca-What is a docker? Please divulge-I'm guessing something to divide the dough so you can break the crackers when done?

Alanna-Either, or both, it seems. It is described as a "salad or spread."
I served mine with the lavosh and little blunt knives for spreading, but you could also have it to scoop on little plates, with other pkhali (roasted beets, eggplant, prepared the same way) with forks for a starter.
The scoring is basically just a simple,traditional ornamentation, I think, but it does sort of make it easier to scoop up a bit for the cracker.I was thinking if you had pomegranite seeds for the traditional garnish-if you put them at the diamond intersections it would look like some kind of medieval quilt-very fancy.


Gorgeous photo indeed! And I'm having a good time imagining what your kitchen smells like with all those exotic aromas floating about. Yum.


No, a docker is better than that; it looks like a roller made of plastic (or melamine or something) with spikes on it so when you roll it across dough it makes all the holes. It's really satisfying to use; you could have used it on the lavosh. I'll use it when I make foccaccia, or before I pre-bake the pizza crust a bit before adding the toppings.

tanna Jones

Absolutley! I haven't made lavosh but I do have a flat bread that I make often and we enjoy immensely. Spinach is a favorite. I'll be doing this soon. Thanks


Excellent recipes, and I'll definitely be printing these out to try!


hii :) i was looking for pkali recipe on english for my blog and i found it here :) tnx very much i hope u are not against :) i'm from Georgia also and i adore pkali :) and lavashi too :)
you really have good taste :)
and u can also see other georgian food at my blog :)
i would be happy if you like it :)

p.s. sorry for my awful english :)

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