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April 15, 2006



It may be time to ditch my 35 year old cast iron pan in favor of one of the new high tech pre-seasoned ones that are now available from Lodge. OTOH, I could try to really season it properly. What are your thoughts on this, since it seems silly to have it and not use it? (Especially silly since I actually move it almost daily to get to the non-stick pan that I REALLY use...) But philosophically and morally I'm more in favor of the cast iron.

Lynn D.

This sounds wonderful. As you know I love dandelion greens. The last time I made them was in a salad with tomatoes, kalamata olives and garlic, topped with barely seared ahi tuni and pan juices which sort of wilted the greens. I like dandelion greens so well I recently planted some Italian ones in the garden, even though my lawn has plenty of the common variety! Not long ago I read Julia Child's recipe for scrambled eggs, very much like above, but she added a tablespoon of cream or butter when taking them off the heat to stop the cooking. I'll have to try it.


I have had Madeleine Kamman's The New Making of a Cook on my wishlist for ages (hoping to find an inexpensive used copy) and I have just added this book.

I'm fascinated by the use of dandelion greens -- never had them. Makes me want to try it. Lynn's dandelion salad looks interesting too.

And, Rebecca, I wouldn't bother ditching my old cast iron pan for pre-seasoned ones. Seasoning is pretty easy. Here are some instructions

I don't have any non-stick pans. I've always been creeped out by the way non-stick pans lose their coating. We use cast iron frying pans almost exclusively and the finish is so silky I rarely have problems with things sticking. I clean mine with a small amount of dish soap (although many people don't use any soap) and if needed a blue scrubby. We don't baby our pans and maintaining the finish is easy. Using them to cook bacon now and then seems to help.


Rebecca-I use my cast iron for most everything, and find it virtually nonstick, also. I've had them for many years, and seldom use the back-up nonstick one. But I'm glad to have it when somethings a potential stickathon. I was warned by the wednesday chef, and took care. These slow cooked eggs really adhere.
Lynn-This is my first ever taste of dandelions. I don't know what took me so long-I love bitter greens. That salad sounds so fine.
Julie-I've been wanting to read the Making of a Cook, too. They don't seem to have it at my library so I guess it's saving the pennies.


This recipe sounds lovely. I love eggs with bacon, and bitter greens with bacon, so I imagine the combination of all three would be great.

We have a fresh crop of organic dandelions in our back yard. ;-) I'm sure my husband would be thrilled if I were to harvest them, but I'm not sure how willing he would be to eat them. Also, I don't know whether the standard Seattle variety would be particularly tasty. They look a little furry, too.


Kimberly-I wouldn't dare try the dandelions around my apt. bldg, as the landlord uses a poisonous lawn service. They are the furthest thing from organically grown.I think even handling them might be dangerous!

These look hairy too. Mutants? I wonder...


i've always loved dandelion greens
my grandfather would pick them at the family cottage (basically, a one room shack in maine) and make dandelion wine from them
i wish he was still around so i could get his recipe, but alas
i've thought about making it, but i feel that distilling booze in a small new york city apartment might be hazardous!
so, in the meantime i eat them and cook with them as much as possible!
thanks for the new recipe!


The best recipe I've made with dandelion greens is a salad from Chris Schlesinger's Lettuce in Your Kitchen. The dressing is a odd-but-delicious with molasses and peanuts, and the dandelions are tossed with nectarine and ham. It's unbelievably good, and I bet would work well with any leftovers you might have from your ham-in-Coke.

Lynn D.

There is something new under the sun! These eggs are a revelation. I've made them twice: once for me and once for my husband when he came home late from a music practice (not with the dandelion greens but with a simple scallion and a bit of goat's milk). I think they are best savored alone.


an-I am very interested in the dandelion wine. Isn't there a Ray Bradbury book of that title? What does it taste like?
Pyewacket-This is a book I've not heard of before..is it all salads? Nectarine and ham sounds awfully good. Molasses and peanuts? Hmm.
Lynn D. I agree totally. Alone. yup.

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