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April 05, 2006



Sounds like a wonderful dessert -- unusual too. The chicken and roasted vegetables also sounds delicious. Your lucky guests -- it must have been a great meal.


That sounds and looks lovely. I wish I could have some right now. You know how I feel about prunes.


Oh wonderful. A question: does this recipe appear in South-West France or Slow Mediterranean? I have a passion for prunes. And a burning desire to bake with filo. And not nearly enough time to make this, though I deeply deeply want to. A lovely picture, too.


I think you went with the right title, Lindy -- this sweet confection is definitely more tart than cake. I have never tried prunes in Armagnac, although the combination has intrigued me for a while. Funny, prunes have such an unglamorous image and yet they can be part of something as lovely and sophisticated as this tart ... and, of course, that ice cream.


That's so beautiful, I absolutely want to try it. I'm grateful to have met a few French people, or it could have been years before I ever tasted a prune (such a bad image here, they call them "dried plums" now). So far I've only managed to toss them in here and there like raisins in couscous, but they are so much better, and I would love to feature them in a sweet like you did here.

Question: where did you find orange flower water? I've seen it in so many recipes, but never in a shop (admittedly I haven't looked that hard, either).

Oh yeah--I think you could also call this a galette, if you like.


Thanks Julie-It all came out pretty well, I think. That chicken thing of my mother's is a favorite of mine.
Yes, redfox-I know how you feel about prunes...and how a prune is like a cake. Wish I could cut you a piece right about now. Hope you are recovering a bit from the computer heist?
Luisa-Thanks. It's from the Southwest France book. Prunes everywhere in that one. Love it.
Tania and little bouffe-Maybe I'll go with "galette." I guess prunes got their frumpy rep in the US from some not-so-glamourous associations. They are lovely, though.
Re orange flower water-they have it at a Lebanese market in the strip district here, but i'm sure you could order it via internet. Also rosewater.


This tart looks wonderful, I am going to have to try it!

If you love Paula Wolfert you will love this cassoule and her cassoulet recipe.

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