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April 23, 2006



I'm not exactly going to express a point of view about this - I have a Kenwood Gourmet of some seniority and it does most jobs fine. But it doesn't have a sausage making attachment - which you could probably get for the KitchenAid; and it doesn't do bread dough - but I'm happy to get the exercise, I make loaves one at a time. My point is this: I had a friend a while ago who lived in Boston and she told me that in her street they had an arrangement whereby one person owned the ice cream maker and everyone else borrowed it, and so on with big cake tins and huge cooking pots and heavy duty mincers. This seems to me an excellent idea - you don't need an ice cream maker every day and it saves on space. Not an answer to your problem I agree, but possibly something we should do more of.


I have a KitchenAid but couldn't really do without my Cuisinart, which I use several times a week. I do have a food mill, a Foley, which I use exclusively for applesauce. I also have an immersion blender but keep forgetting about it so don't really use it that often.The Cuisinart is used for pie crust, short bread, biscuits, French bread, bread crumbs, slicing apples for pie or potatoes for scalloped potatoes, grating cheese, making pesto, and dozens of other everyday kitchen tasks I'm not thinking of right now. I have the larger one, having worn out my first one which was the smaller (not the mini, but the smaller of the regular size ones).


I must second Rebecca's comments. Cuisinart all the way baby!


Cuisinarts are so pricey, I didn't even consider one when I was registering (my only real course of kitchen goods).

But my grandmother gave me a food processor, Hamilton Beach PrepStar, that is a rather inexpensive (under $50, maybe even $30). I haven't worked it very hard yet (it's not appropriate for the scope of cooking I usually do in my kitchen. You know the story...), but I can confirm that it handles pastry, potatoes, and pureeing just fine, though I never used and hence, can't compare it to, a Cuisinart. I adore it for large slicing and shredding tasks, and the first time I made pastry, I was amazed (will I ever do it with two knives again?). But the counterspace issue -- that's a tough one.

I suppose the best way is to go a month or so without it, and that will reveal to you how much you really need it.


June: I like the idea a lot. Since I am carless, and my friends don't live right on my street, it probably wouldn't work for my present situation. We do use each others' Very Big Party items-like giant coffee makers, extra chairs, etc. I especially love the idea for specialty baking pans that are used rarely, but are so delightful to have when you want 'em.

Rebecca, Ivonne, L.B.: Funny-we all rely on our appliances for different things. I will probably miss the cuisinart most for pastry, though I can make pastry quite happily with the Kitchenaid, too (or by hand of course.)
I was wondering whether, since I have the grinder attachment for the mixer (which is so cool), if I got the slicer/shredder attachment ($35), would I have virtually all of the functions of the food processor? (The pasta machine attachment-an earlier gift- is also great, as it moots the "I need 3 hands"problem of my old manual device.)
None of the attachments would pulverize nuts, though. I can do them in the coffee grinder- though only a handful at a time.
Unlike you, Rebecca-I use the immersion blender constantly. Funny, eh? It is hung on the wall-right by the stove-that might be what leads me to use it so often.


It sounds like you really don't want to get a food processor! In that case, 2 suggestions for nuts; depending how finely you want to pulverize them, put them in a big ziplock bag and roll the rolling pin over them, or I remember my mother putting them through the hand-cranked meat grinder once a year, at Christmas, when she made large quantities of those Mexican wedding cake-type cookies made with ground walnuts (although she didn't call them that) and needed lots of ground nuts, so did you ever try putting them through the grinder attachment on your KitchenAid?
Cause a handful at a time in the coffee grinder sounds like a drag, man!

Lynn D.

I sometimes find that what I save in prep time with the Cuisinart, I lose in cleanup time. They take up an awful lot of room in the dishwasher and are quite fiddly to wash by hand. I hope you didn't throw away the work bowl; on occasion I've wished that I've had two (this in case you do replace it and the bowls are the same). So practice your knife skills, eat something from nothing, enjoy your counter, and your problem will soon be solved.


Ack! I am a fool! I threw the bowl away. But it was very old-the new ones are probably...different...yes...different. Or not different.meh.

Raspberry Sour

Lindy, there must be invisible radio waves connecting our kitchens. Your Cuisinart didn't happen to give out on Friday evening? Because mine certainly did. It was a baby model, but I loved it nonetheless. I'm now on the hunt for a grown-up version.

BTW, the oracle has finally spoken, and I have an answer to your kmhelli sunelli question(s). I'm throwing the post into your previous entry, in case anyone else was interested.


Well, did the garbage men come yet? Cause Lynn's absolutely right, I have "2-bowl nights" lots of times. If it were me I'd be out there in my nightgown going through the garbage! The design hasn't changed that much and my last processor actually came with 2 bowls which was great. If you do decide to get one you can maybe get a good price through the internet; try Froogle or Smarter.com--I got a great price on a KitchenAid for my mom for Christmas on Smarter.com, no tax and free delivery.


OH NO! When my then 12-year old Cuisinart died (two weeks before Christmas, heavens!) I returned it to the factory for possible repair. It took awhile (a couple of painful no-Cuisinart months)but it's worked fine every since, another 12 years! So ... I have to say, wow, what a workhorse.

That said, when Cook's Illustrated rated food processors in the last year, Cuisinart came out #2. Sorry, I don't remember #1 (but it might be worth checking back issues at the libary or in a friend's stash) except that it was a surprise. I don't think it was KitchenAid though as I say, I don't really remember.

And I wouldn't recommending wasting a nickel on a 'baby Cuinart' to get you by in the mean time. I did that and wow, what a huge disappointment aside from size. It wasn't even close to the same product. If I'd bought it first, I'd never ever have bought a big one. So it's entirely a failure as an entry-level product.


I have most of the KitchenAid attachments, and I don't think that they do everything as well as a food processor does. Still-working food processors make regular appearances at yard and garage sales, and the season for those sales should be underway soon if it is not already upon us. You might also keep a watch on craigslist, or post a message there saying that you're looking for a food processor.


Thanks all for your help. I'm mulling all these ideas.Took the Unplugged Kitchen (Viana
La Place) out of library Sunday on recommendation of the chocolate lady.Will go lower tech awhile whilst I consider.

R.S.-It could have been broken already Friday- but I did not learn it wasn't working until I tried to use it Saturday.Strange, eh?

Rebecca- You would not want to be near my apt. trash area at night. By morning, it was well and truly buried under the trash of others. (I checked on my way to work.)


PS Alanna- Deceased cuisinart was over 25 years old.RIP.
'pestic-will check both ideas out, merci.


I recently noticed that a church on Bradock and Ardmore (and a church on 5th in Shadyside) are both having rummage sales on May 6. And someone told me that Regent Square is having a community sale on May 6 as well. So you might be able to find something if you made a day of it . . . !


Sorry, Lindy--didn't realize you lived in an apartment. Even I wouldn't go through other people's garbage at this stage of my life, and I'm a trash picker from way back!

the chocolate lady

Lindy, I want you to have it all--the counter space, the delights of unplugged cooking, and a new processor. I adore La Place's work, but I do love to play with my processor (vroom vroom).

During passover I used a mandoline for high-volume slicing. You might want one of those as an interim solution; it is great for spuds, not so great for celeriac (too hard). And no help with grinding and shredding.

I gave my twenty-one-year old Cuisinart a viking's funeral when it conked out this year and got the Kitchenaid, partly because it placed first when Cook's Illustrated ranked them. I am very happy with the new machine, which is more powerful and easier to use and clean, and oh, those evenly ground nuts, but if you've had a Cuisinart for twenty-plus years, it is so weird to have the feed tube in front. I put the top on backwards almost every time.

I admit it; I have no useful advice.

Lynn D.

Is Kitchen Kaboodle a national kitchen store? If so, should I tell you that they are currently offering $75 off a new cuisinart if you bring in your old processor, any brand, working or not? Perhaps if you showed them your blog, they'd give you the discount...or perhaps?... for free!

Wolf Schneider

I know, I'm a "Johny come lately", BUT.... I have a Brown Food Processor, it comes with 3 bowls (1 Clear for slicing,grating etc, 1 for dough etc and 1 Glass with 2 knifes (for crushing ice and whatever). It comes with 4 Disks (Shredding fine and coarse, slicing thick and thin, grating (potato pancakes etc,,,yum) and one for frenching. I got it on Ebay as a REFURBISHED at Factory item!! (I like refurbished items, since they are better checked then new machines) I paid about $150 I think!!
I also got my Kitchenaid lift stand mixer for about $165 at ebay.(I had to stop making bread by hand after my second spinal fusion, and when I was drooling over a 10Gallon Hobart, my wife nixed that Idea and the kitchenaid came into the house)
Even my wife likes the Brown and makes GREAT cakes with it. The brown has in one lid an opening were you can insert green beans and with the slicing disk cuts them diagonally. I use it for my mothers recipe for "Schnippelbohnensuppe" I don't know how to translate THIS. It's a beansoup made with green beans.
So, that's my 2 cents (2.5 cent Canadian) on the subject of Food Processors!

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