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April 13, 2006



Ouch. That thumb thing sounds painful.

I love how comforting and homey pies look. This one sounds delicious and I think your idea for a future pear, rhubarb, ginger pie is inspired.

Lynn D.

That is the most beautiful pie crust I've ever seen. I've never had a problem using just rhubarb in a pie and ginger and orange peel are very good additions.


My son love rhubarb pie and makes them often. I'll show him this one. Looks delish! Thanks


thanks Julie-Thumb is now recovered, I'm glad to report.The bandage had a derelict look.
Lynn-you are too kind. Hm-why did I think I needed something else in the pie? Possibly because the rhubarb was expensive? And then maybe I grew to believe there had to be a cooking related reason I always mixed the rhubarb with another fruit? Could be. I like the idea of orange and ginger.
Tanna-It is a lucky woman indeed who has a son who makes many rhubarb pies!


In a better world, there'd be plenty of rhubarb growing wild nearby, and you could gather it when you were out for your evening constitutional.

Or from someone on craigslist. Whatever works.


I was thrilled to see that my backyard rhubarb was starting to grow, just this week; pie isn't out of the question within a month.

About an all-lard crust, my husband's band was playing down south at Ferrum College and the wife of the college president treated all of us to dinner at her house. Among the fried chicken and trimmings dinner (delicious) were several pies. After several bites I asked her how she made her crust and she replied, "Lard." It was crisp and beautiful, but to me tasted too much of the pig. I like my pig over here, and my pie over THERE, nice and sweet and buttery!


'Pestic: Yup. The only things that grow wild around here, in my city neighborhood, are some really nice purslane, later in the year and mulberries. Both really good- just have to make sure I don't take any from areas that get sprayed. (There are a few cherry trees too, on the hill behind my apt.-but usually the birds get them before they are ripe.)
Rebecca-Quite honestly, it didn't taste at all porky to me..just a bit less intensely buttery than an all butter one. I'm not sure I'd mind a bit of pork flavor...it was just slightly less flavorful overall. The texture was my favorite ever.

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