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May 20, 2006


Betty Carlson

Happy Blog Birthday! I am a fellow Well Fed contributor and was just enjoying your write-up on The Cooking of Southwest France. I actually cook IN Southwest France, but can't find time to write about everything I cook and taste. Good luck carrying on with your blog! I've sure loved writing mine...


Happy Blogging Birthday and here's to many more to come!!!


Happy Blog Birthday! Congratulations, Lindy. Here's to many more posts. I so much enjoy reading you - can't wait to see what this next year brings. And I love the selection of posts, what a clever idea. Can't WAIT to hear about your baking experiments with rose geranium...


Congratulations. And thank you. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog since I first stumbled across it. And I particularly enjoy the fact you update so regularly - don't know how you manage it, but thank you. Here's to year two!


Happy blogiversary! Thanks for the greatest hits links, too. I hadn't read some of those.


Happy BlogBirthday, Lindy! I arrived at your toast party too late but am happy to join the throng, now!


Congratulations and Happy Blog Birthday! I can't imagine how they could, but I am betting things will only get better (and tastier) from here. Love that you bought a gift for your blog, and I hope the dessert wine was worth waiting for! Your writing is so consistently wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Happy anniversary, Lindy! I will be interested to read about your experiences with the geraniums as I've never used flowers in my cooking. Your herbs ought to do well in this weather! :(

I'm also going to enjoy reading your selection of posts since I just discovered your blog a couple of months ago; thanks!




Oh, happy Blogday to you, dear Lindy. The year has been a much better place thanks to Toast's -- and your -- presence in it.

Lynn D.

Happy anniversary, Lindy. Thank you for an enjoyable year of reading and eating. I'm making the other egg salad right now. By the way, I think you are supposed to use the geranium leaves, not the flowers. I grow gorgeous regular geraniums, but have always found scented geraniums rather tricky, so good luck!


Congratulations and happy anniversary! What dessert wine did you open?

the chocolate lady

Happy Blog Birthday and many happy returns of the day, Lindy.

I look forward to my toast every day.
I had some geranium ice cream the other day at Greens in San Francisco--just my cup of tea.


Happy Blog Birthday, Lindy!

All the best in the year to come!


joyeux anniversaire! Many thanks for providing a most entertaining & informative blog!


Hey Lindy,
A belated Happy Blog Birthday.....I love the way you have your post set-up to honor the occasion.
Keep Blogging! Your blog is a beauty!


Thank you all for your kind good wishes and for reading Toast.
'pestic- it was a beerenaulese (did I spell that right?) Yum. Lynn-I did actually know it was the leaves... I guess that means it's really a sort of herb, rather than a flower that you cook with. But the leaves smell and taste so much like flowers. I'm hoping the chocolate lady will describe the rose geranium ice cream.


Happy One Year Old! That's a long time and a lot of posts. You have a treasure.


I think presents are definitely called for on your blog's birthday.

I've enjoyed your blog in the four or five months since I found it. Good writing, interesting food (I don't think you're ever in a food rut!), and as someone above remarked, you update so regularly.

Congratulations and looking forward to the coming year.

Baking Soda

Happy anniversary Lindy (bit late, sorry)! Your Toast accompanies my first coffee in the morning for quite some time now, I am looking forward to many more slices. Love the way you celebrate this anniverary with a bite of toast throughout the year. Going to read them all.


Hey.. Happy First Blogiversary to you too! :) How nice that both our blogs are under the same star. Your Meyer lemon cake is on my "gotta try" list - I LURVE lemon cakes! I dont think we get Meyer lemons here, but I'll try it with whatever IS available. Thanks for the recipe, and many many more happy returns to your lovely blog! :)


Happy, Happy Birthday Lindy, I can't believe you've been around for a year! I really can't tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful and delicious posts, but I can tell you that I hope I'll be able to enjoy them for a long time to come.


Congrats, Lindy. I really like the 12 posts for each month of blogging. Like other people said, I'm very, very impressed and a little envious of your frequent, excellent updates.


Happy anniversary to a wonderful blog! Everything looks delicious as usual, especially that lemon tea cake which will get bookmarked :-)


Huge congratulations Lindy, and an expecial thank you from me, because without you I would never have made the leap. You have been a constant encouragement to me, it is always a pleasure to read your thoughtful and intelligents posts, and I know that you are a source of great succour to many others too. Many happy returns.


Congratulations and happy birthday, Toast!


Thanks to you, too-what a happy anniversary for Toast and me.


I'm so late to this blogiversary party that you've already posted again! You are such a lovely presence in the blogosphere, Lindy. Wishing you many happy returns.

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