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May 10, 2006



First of all, the photograph of that frittata is perfection. Looks like I could practically pluck it off the screen. And second of all, I LOVE your taste in plates. That is all. ;)


I can't even begin to tell you how fantastic that looks! I love frittatas and you took a fabulous little picture too!


I adore frittatas and this looks like a really good one!!!
Boy I'm hungry ;-)

tanna Jones

I love spinach, frittatas/tortillias but your comment "While it is true that there is a slight knack to be acquired-whether one uses the broiler or pan flipping method," says it all for me. That slight knack or lack there of, says it all for me. I once had a young Spanish man tell me "If you didn't grow-up at your mother's knee flipping the tortillia, you'll never get it." But, I'll keep trying and yours will be my next effort. Looks really good.


Luisa-thank you. I love your taste in plates, too.
Christiane and Pamela-thank you. You are very kind.
tanna-Don't you think that the broiler method is really pretty easy,though, as long as you use enough oil to scare yourself, that is?


Echoing everyone else: great picture, great plate, great meal. That could be the prettiest frittata I've ever seen.


That is indeed a beautiful frittata.

Which CSA do you participate in? I just received my letter notifying me of the pickup location and days for mine. This will be my first year; I can hardly wait.


Jen-I just got my letter, too- so you must be Kretschmann Farms? They are really nice people-I've been geting his produce for years.


Absolutely the broiler does make things easier if not authentic. When things look right, I try flipping and hope than one day every thing will come together and my tongue will be in just the right place and it will be perfect. Until then most times it goes under the broiler.

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