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May 29, 2006



Seriously, what a gorgeous recipe. The description alone makes me want to make some immediately. This is going into the "make asap" file!

Baking Soda

Oh I know the feeling. In your mind there is this picture perfect dish, it seems to come together well, no perfect even and then in the wink of an eye all goes awry...and all there is left to do is stamp your feet, clench your fists, wrinkle your face, jump up and down and say the words you're not supposed to say out loud.
I applaud you for trying again and making such gorgeous tart!


You done good woman. That looks glorious. I think I could be happy with just a little bowl of the cave in, pleassse. Seriouly beautiful tart and writing!



That is just gorgeous. It looks delicious and I couldn't agree with Mario Batali more! Thanks for directing me to Nick Malgieri's site as well!


This looks seriously delicious, have seen similar recipes but havent been game to try one yet not having any recomendations, think you have just sold me - thks


thanks guys. Seriously, if you do decide to make it, chill it really welll before unmolding-so you only have to make it once. Unless, of course, you want to make it again.


I had an easier time making this pie than I originally thought. Started out wanting to make a traditional Easter Grain pie, but had a hard time finding the wheatberries. A Ricotta pie sounded close enough to me. Made my own pasta frolla (pretty close to the above recipe),but still used the same filling recipe as this recipe.Instead of making the praline, I simply took a good quality caramel sauce(Two Sisters Gourmet) and stirred the pine nuts into it, then spread it over the cooled pie. Because I used a 9-in. springform pan, I had to bake it for an hour~5 minutes, a least 15 minutes longer than yor recipe states. The end result was PERFECT! Crust wasn't soggy, filling was set well and the subtle hint of orange/lemon was just enough to compliment the caramel and pine nuts!I just happened to have some homemade candied citrus peels in the cabinet that I threw in too! I will probably be making this kind of pie again and again!

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