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May 25, 2006



Good for you! I love when people make projects like this one.

How expensive are short ribs in Pgh? It's easy to find them here for $4/pound or less. Did they used to be much cheaper? I'm a bit late to the game.


I'm going to have to try this. I too am a fan of the gristly bits, when they invented beef tendon and tripe Pho I like to think they had me in mind.


Lindy, you are an adventurous cook!

I will probably never reach a point in my life where I consider tackling something like rillettes so I have to live (cook?) vicariously.


Leland-I don't generally look at the pounds, but rather the portion size when I'm comparing costs-so I can't tell you how much they are a pound. But a portion of shortribs for 2 people costs just about as much as strip steak for two!
Pigs feet are still cheap. I can't get anyone else to try them though. My Dad (no longer living) and I both liked them parboiled, coated with mustard and bread crumbs and broiled. (deviled feet) This tends to gross people out, I'm afraid.
steven- Sounds amazing. Have never had tripe. Again, can't get anyone to try it with me. And to make tripe to eat alone- well seems like it would be strange. There would be massive quantities of tripe leftover, I fear, even if I loved it.
julie-If you are not trying it because you think it's tricky-it's absolutely not. It's really easy to make, you just need to hang around for awhile while it burbles away in the oven. Truly.

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