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May 31, 2006


Raspberry Sour

OMG, I love rosti. We used to do it in a casserole dish, with everyone fighting over the bits that got stuck to the bottom. Thanks for the reminder- I'll be making this one very soon.

Cheers, RS


Potato Freak here. If it's potatoes I'm all for it! These look beautiful. Don't think I've ever had them. In the Gourmet Cookbook you say. I've had some good luck from it.
Thanks again.


Perfectly traditional! I've had this several times high on a mountaintop ... looking onto happy Swiss cows muching in Heidi fields of wild flowers ... lots of carbs for hiking! Last spring I tried a beet version with rosemary ... didn't get your GREAT crust though! Very nice!


Oh yum. The first time I ever had rosti with egg was, believe it or not, in a small cafe in a small village in rural China. Obviously some Swiss tourists had been there before me!

I've never tasted a version since that was quite as good - that combination of crispy fatty saltiness with the oozing goodness of runny egg yolk - but yours look might fine. I may even have to pluck up courage and have a a go at making one myself.


Just looking at this picture makes me hungry. And your suggestion for serving them with creme fraiche and smoked salmon? That makes me hungrier still.


I keep thinking to myself that I really ought to make rosti for some breakfast... and I think you've just completely convinced me! Mmmm.... can't wait until Saturday brunch.


RS-Love those crispy bits.On, or off the main rosti.
Tanna-I'm a potato freak too, way back.
Alanna- Sounds very appealing.glad to hear this gourmet version is close to something genuine. I really do love it.
Clare-these are the mysteries of travel, eh?
Julie- I'm looking for some nice smoked salmon, and some money to buy it with.
Vanessa-If I had some people to help me clean up , I could easily be convinced to make elaborate breakfasts. there's something about facing a sink full of dirty dishes early in the day that is profoundly depressing.


Well, here's the swiss guy sitting in a San Francisco Café at this time. I thought Rösti is known as "Hashbrowns" here, what a nice surprise!

Well - first of all: It's Rösti, not rosti... "rosti" has no meaning, it's quite close to the adjective "rostig", though - which would be "rusty". So just press down the ALT button und then type 148 - there you go. You can also copy and paste ö from many swiss, austrian or german sites. Or in HTML, use the ouml-entity (o-Umlaut). The word is probably pronounced as "Reusti".

There are probably as many possibilities to cook Rösti as there are people. Here's mine: Clearly NO parboiled potatoes - use fresh ones. Add some grated carrots and onions, smoked bacon "würfeli" ("little dice"), ground pepper and "Kräutersalz" (a special kind of salt with herbs).

Alternative: Don't make the "pie", just turn it all over and rip it apart with the spatula every couple of minutes, so you get more of that crispy stuff.

And: Olive oil has too much a taste of its own for me, I'd just use (unsatled) butter.

Some poeple also like to add cheese. In central europe, Rösti clearly is a lunch or dinner, not a breakfast - except for farmers who have to work hard all day long.


Hello. My computer is not too cooperative with the umlauts, sorry.
I do agree- not so much for breakfast...you'd explode!

But hash browns, my friend, are another thing entirely, believe me! And they are just as much a subject for opinionated debate here-though they do get eaten primarily for breakfast. Everyone is sure they have a definitive version of hash browns. Many of them are very good, too.

Gary Oldman

I had never heard of rosti until i visited switzerland, the family and i decided to have dinner in the restaurant and sticking with a traditional swiss meal sounded excellent.

The rosti was crisp on the outside and smooth inside so delicious that i am going to try yor recipe over the next few days, and yes two fried eggs on top make an excellent sauce for the rosti.

I loved it.

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