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May 07, 2006



Great post, very inspiring! I'm so lazy, I usually just rely on the breadmaker, but real bread doesn't actually take that much effort in relation to the rewards.

I love sesame seeds,too, and just found a wonderful product at McGinnis Sisters. It may be available at W.F. or the Co-op as well; it's made by Eden Organic and is called Gomasio and is sesame seeds and sea salt mixed or ground together. The seeds are organic and roasted, really delicious. I made a focaccia, and brushed it with olive oil and sprinkled it thickly with these before baking; it was so good. I have been looking for something like this since King Arthur discontinued a product they had been carrying called sesame salt.


I hope the chicken liver turns out delicious for you!


Baking Soda

Lindy this one looks even better! Love the color of the crumb and the crust seems to crackle of my screen, seriously Yum! (The sesame seeds and salt mix sounds great too). I will try and recreate this bread as soon as I get thing sorted out here, we've had a couple days vacation and I have "a little" catching up to do. Laundry, ironing, reading blogs (oops that's a slip), grocery shopping, some more ironing and try to get this house to look like it's thoroughly cleaned...::sigh::


OOh-that sounds like an excellent mix, Rebecca. I'll be the foccacia was really good. I'll bet the Gomasio would be really good on roasted veg., too.
Sam-The chicken liver thing was excellent.thanks
B. Soda- I know what you mean. I spent (wasted) most of a gorgeous spring Sunday cleaning my fridge, which was in a repulsive state, and ordering my spice drawers. Now everything else looks grimy by contrast. (Well, it all looked grimy before,of course, but less noticeably so.) Sigh.
If you get a chance to try the bread, could you let me know what kind of flour you used, and how it worked out?

Baking Soda

Sure, I'll try to take pictures along the way, it will be nice to see whether my semolina is the real thing
(it will be "a farmgirl's soon" though....)


Rapini and white bean bruschetta sounds like it would make a great meal -- filling and satisfying.


All sounds delightful, I also love fresh baked bread but sadly as I also work full time rarely do I find the time...


Sorry.....I hit enter and off that post went, unfinished!
Love this bread and yours looks great!
I really like the look of the Bruschetta.

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