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May 28, 2006



Your porch/steps garden sounds lovely.

I understand about growing zucchini for the flowers. I planted extra plants in hopes of having enough flowers to harvest.


We used to go over to the May Market every year during school lunches, since it was right across the street. I haven't had a mushroom sandwich in about ten years, but oh, they are good. I need to get a recipe for them.


Julie-Hope we will both succeed in our blossom crops.
Ah Jen- an Ellis girl? I think those mushroom sandwiches are brilliant. This year, they had toasted chocolate sandwiches too. Lovely.


Are you really growing medlars? As in medlar trees? I'd love to know how you get on. They have sadly fallen out of fashion in this country. Although I wonder how much that's got to do with the old country name for the medlar fruit which is "dog's ar*e" . . . for obvious reasons! (In French too!)


Rachel-I'm trying to grow medlars. Nothing has come up yet.

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