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May 17, 2006



Lindy, what a fantastic site you have!


I count myself in the BESOTTED with lacinato group. I steam it for a minute before sauteeing with sliced garlic in olive oil and could eat this every day for dinner.


I was just wondering what on earth some of these things are...lacinato? Never heard of it, but would like to as you sing its praises. We have ordinary green and purple kale. Got to the grayed parmesan and thought it was another magic u.s. ingredient - chortle, chortle...nice to have a laugh at my own expense on a cold wet afternoon!


steven-Thank you, very kind. I have been enjoying yours, which I spotted via Farmgirl.
Luisa-Somehow, I am not surprised that you love lacinato.We seem to pretty much like all the same things, except (of course) for your mysterious distaste for cilantro!
June- it is sooo good. I think it is "cavolo nero" in Italy, if that helps locate it.


I've never had lacinato kale but this soup sounds so good I want to try it immediately.

I've read your next to last paragraph three times now. It just sounds so delicious!


Thanks Julie-BTW, I have another (more tomato oriented) black kale soup- and there is a picture of the kale with that
post. In addition to being delicious, it's really cool looking stuff-it has a kind of a prehistoric quality. It's at www.lindystoast.com/2005/12/black_kale_and_.html


Wonderful photo. Soup looks and sounds delish. I adore chickpeas but don't think I have ever put them in a soup. It's been cool here, too (such a treat), and I yesterday I actually contemplated pulling some thick (and what I think of as wintery) garlic and white bean soup out of the freezer. Love the winter produce trick you play on yourself. Great idea!


Just checked out the other soup. That looks wonderful too! And so good for you. I'm looking forward to making both of these.


I was just at WF myself and got some of the $1.99 asparagus (people who think WF is too expensive just don't know how to shop) but must have missed the kale. I love kale, too, it really has its own special flavor, although I usually just stew it in olive oil with garlic and have never tried it in soup. This one looks and sounds wonderful and will be on my must-try list.

The Queer Chef

looks very delicious. I am such a great fan of soups and I usually like to eat them when its hot especially on a cold weather


At last, a new use for lacinato kale! I really, really love that kale-y taste, too, but it seems that every time I buy it, I turn it into that kale/sausage/poached egg dish of Nigella Lawson's. It's a good rut to be in, but I'm just as happy to get out of it once in a while.

A note to June (hi, June!): I have seen this sold in various places as lacinato kale, cavolo nero, black kale and black Tuscan kale. I know that you are a far piece from Edinburgh, but I'll bet that Valvona & Crolla carry it. I don't know if they mail-order their produce, but I do know that they do mail orders, so if all else fails closer to home, you might want to give them a try.


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