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June 03, 2006



I keep some won-ton wrappers in the freezer "just in case". The lima ravioli look delicious by the way and I have tons of spinach on hand AND about 6 quarts of stock in the freezer. I don't have a hangover, but one could be arranged.


This is so intriguing...looks delicious. I'm definitely going to try this recipe. Thanks!!!!!


I bought a baggie of frozen lima beans a while ago, and look at them each time I open my freezer to get something else. They seem to regard me reproachfully, as if to say, "Why did you buy us if you're not using us??" I could never think of what to do with them, except boil them and eat them with some butter, which I'm not often in the mood for. Certainly, it's never occurred to me to stuff them into ravioli. How creative, Lindy! And I agree: the colours are lovely.


Gorgeous green color! That soup looks delicious but the non-soup version sprinkled with fresh herbs sounds even better. What a lovely meal.


Holy cats, that is stunning! I say why wait to feel under the weather. That just looks great. Limas are so good and so under used. I like this.


Thanks folks. I'd agree with Tanna that limas are unfairly neglected. It is hard to get good fresh ones except in very warm climes, but as is the case with peas, unless they are truly fresh, the frozen ones are a better choice. There are lovely things to be made with them-including a jade hummous that I've posted about in the past.
steve-those wonton wrappers are a true boon. I suppose a hangover is not actually a prerequisite.
julie-I do love the color, and the fact that it stays green. Last year I made a grape and hazelnut conserve from some gorgeous green grapes. It was yummy with cheese, but it beiged-out while cooking down. I was disappointed in the color change.
Tania-I hope you do get a chance to make them..I think you'll like them.
Julie-I had the rest the non-soup way. they were scrumptious, I thought.


I hadn't thought about wonton wrappers before - what a very good idea. Thank you!


I'm thinking that a small serving of this would make a very impressive first course, as well. Leland is coming home for a visit soon and maybe he and I will make these together.


Lima Bean Raviolis? This is genius, Lindy. I cannot WAIT to try it.

mindy toomay

This looks so simple and nourishing, I want some right now. And I'm not feeling delicate, actually, just hungry. Strikes me that the quality of the broth would either make or break this soup. My personal favorite choice is always homemade veggie stock...

Glad I discovered your lovely blog. I'll be back soon.


Have just gotten around to making these--finally!!! Sooooooo delicious...thank you so very much for this lovely post!!!

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