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June 15, 2006



That is wonderful. I have the mint, dates and the rose water. This will be excellent. Thank you Lindy!!


I am particularly partial to your plate during this time as the colors are the same as the German team's :)


I had a fleeting moment of confusion when I first saw your post title and was thinking of dates in terms of going out on a date. Dates with oranges...huh? But then I saw your picture and it all made much more sense.

That does look exotic and refreshing. I need to purchase rosewater.


That sounds straight out of 1001 nights! beautiful


Tanna-I was happy to discover that I already had all the ingredients. It helped that the oranges were especially sweet and juicy.
Luisa-I usually think of it as the Halloween plate.
Julie-I had a brief moment of thinking I'd do something cute with the "date" thing, but I got over it. All of my ideas were painfully unfunny. But it apparantly happened anyway.sorry.
lobstersquad-thank you. luckily, it won't keep me up for 1001 nights, unlike some richer things I have made..


I'm with Julie. I thought you were finally going to confess to that torrid affair with an Oompa Loompa.


anapestic-A juicy tidbit? O.Lumpa could be my main squeeze. Har.

Baking Soda

I love dates, I used to buy great fat juicy persian ones by the box from our tiny town's supermarket at a ridiculous low price but apparently I was the only one buying them as they are not longer there anymore... Have to find another source so I can try this. Filled with soft goats cheese and honey, Yum!

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