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June 11, 2006



The gratin sounds delicious. I'm a lover of all things goat. The cheese, the milk, the dulce de leche and most of all the nubians who have such great personalities.


Well, I thought the gratin looked really wonderful. Actually, my first thought was how nice it would be to sort of fall in here (on the photo) most especially if I had spoon or fork in my hand! Maybe I should try some goat's milk. Aren't we glad there is Whole Foods!

the chocolate lady

It looks pretty to me too! I have a funny story that involves goats, eating, and Pittsburgh. I'll have to add it to my growing list of things to be blogged if I ever get to them.


That's a pretty fabulous gratin to pull together from what you have on hand. It looks delicious.

But what I'm really waiting for are your forays into cajeta.


Whole Foods sells these tiny bottles of drinkable goat's milk yogurt (some flavored) that I actually find quite tasty. Maybe because there's not too much in them, so the taste isn't overwhelming? I can't wait to hear about your cajeta. In my opinion, it takes the cake over dulce de leche, confiture de lait and our own caramel.


goats milk and goats butter go insanely well in mashed/pureed dishes
i once made a smooshed potatoe and pea dish using goats milk & butter that was so good i nearly fell over
keep experimenting, goats are fabulous and amazing animals!

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