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June 24, 2006



Feh to rules! The only time you need to be rigid with cooking is when you're baking and even that has some wiggle room. The pasta is so simple and the ingredients are great, how could it be anything other than fantastic?

Baking Soda

Fennel is one of my favourite flavour-adders (if that is a word) and I do like simple pasta sauces, I agree that they can be quite deceiving, I once had a pasta served in Italy all it seem to have was just great tomatoes and great olive oil, pepper and salt...Match made in heaven.
I have to get used to the use of kale like this. Kale in Holland (= boerenkool) is used in a hotchpotch (mashed with potatoes and served with smoked sausage) and for us it is a typical winter comfort food.


What a great flavor combination! This is a lot like what I made earlier in the week, but with some extra flavors; I like the idea of the vinegar.


I think that sitting on the couch and eating a bowl of pasta while you watch a good movie or television show is one of life's great pleasures and comforts. If it's a rainy night or afternoon, even better.

Your pasta dish sounds delicious.

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