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June 05, 2006



I love recipes like that, that you´ll still be making when all faddy food has dissapeared from the horizon. And BLT , yum, great invention.


Yes, I really want to go to town!! I want mine with whipped cream! Pineapple upside down cake is a wonderful thing.

I'm with you on the BLT also. That's a pretty perfect sandwich.


I have always wanted to make a PUDC. You've done a wonderful job ... lovely photo.


BLT and PUDC, I never thought of them being so All American. There are some things that can be tweeked as your Luxardo Maraschino liquor but the classic is still the classic. Beautiful write up and photo.

Vicki in Michigan

I like peanut butter on my BLT. Talk about American......


I love this cake, and it makes me think of my father. I make it for him almost every father's day (he loves it too). I have made it from a mix before (hey, I was a kid), but on my aunt's advice I replaced the water with the pineapple juice and used 1/4 sour cream instead of an egg, and it was awesome. I have also used pecan halves instead of cherries, but I like it both ways.

I will make the Gourmet version when my father is back in the USA, now that's you've pointed it out.

Thanks so much, Lindy.


This is a great post. I especially liked the part about BLTs being "an unequaled flavor and texture extravaganza." Yes! I wish I could say that of all my meals.

I also wanted to mention that it's always fun to say "upside-down cake."

Lynn D.

Oddly, neither my mother nor husband is fond of cooked pineapple, so I have only had pineapple upside down cake in school cafeterias. I still adored it. I also love crushed pineapple in carrot cake and jello salads, which my family think is terrible tacky.

Vicky in Michigan-I invented a PBLT for my (vegetarian) son: peanut butter, lettuce and tomato with smoked paprika.

My husband once had a BLT prepared by a Japanese client. He said that until you have had a BLT made by a Japanese housewife, you haven't had one. What was the secret? Just the exquisite care taken toasting the bread, crisping the lettuce, frying the salty bacon to still slightly chewy crispiness, and slicing the perfect tomato, then assembling it lovingly. Or perhaps it was the famous Kewpie mayonnaise? He will never forget it.


lobstersquad-Me too. I suppose these are different dishes for us, depending on our backgrounds, but some how it is pretty easy to recognize them, even when they are not our own families standbys.
julie-the whipped cream is just the correct amount over the top for me
Ivonne and Tanna. Thank you. I had somethought that the photo might be over-gooey, but then...
little bouffe-I forgot the pecans! You can do both, of course, especially on full sized cake. Cherry in center, pecans between slices. I think that's the classic configuration!
mzn: Yup. I like to say it too.
Vicki and Lynn-must convey the PBLT comcept to my vegetarian child. Peanut butter and smoked paprika would impart much of the baconyness. Very crisp lettuce would be in order? You are so clever. I'm not so sure I'd like it with the bacon on my BLT, though. I do, however, very much like the following open faced sandwich: rye toast, plum jam, & crisp bacon.

Lynn D.

Use a good brand of chunky PB to mimic the crunchiness of the bacon. Adams is a good, but perhaps only available in the Northwest.


Hi, thanks for a great Pineapple upside down cake recipe, ive posted the results at my blog http://foodtravails.blogspot.com/. I liked living and eating :) in Pittsburgh, specially a small place called Carousel Lounge on the Monongahela.


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