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June 18, 2006



Mmmm, sour things, how I love them.

Lynn D.

Just when I think I have cooked, tasted, read about, imagined, every combination of food tastes, you come up with something completely different that really challenges me. What kind of red beans? Just from the super market? Lucky me, I have some wild plum trees in the back yard.


Sounds really interesting, I think I would really like to try this!!


Rebecca-As do I.
Lynn-The blog made me do it. You seem to have quite a lot of food ideas yourself, percolating all the time. I love to hear about them. Have you thought about writing a blog, or writing something. about food ? I am having a very good time here, as you may have noticed.
Yes, regular red kidney beans-in-a-bag from the Iggle. I am thinking the whole bean version wih the onions on top would be a great barbeque side, with coleslaw.
Plum trees. Do you make jam? I am deeply envious. when I was growing up, we had a plum tree in our neglected and overgrown back yard..with those Italian prune plums. So good.
Pamela-Thanks. It's really pretty easy..and interesting. Make sure to leave the skins on when cooking the plums. that's where the color comes from!


Yes, that plum sauce is a seriously gorgeous red!


I've been really curious about this plum sauce for quite a while. I never got around to making it, but I'm glad you did! This really gives me an incentive. Anya von Bremzen suggests serving it with lamb, and I'm thinking it'll go really well with grilled lamb...

Bakerina (on the road, in the Rockies!)

Holy moley. My mouth is seriously watering, reading this. I know what I'm making on Sunday, when I'm back home. Were I not going to the Spin-Out in Central Park, I would be making this on Saturday.

Lindy, I have to second Lynn's words. You are a never-ending font of inspiration and ingenuity.


This looks fabulous... I've been reading your blog for a while now and trying the recipes (loved the buckwheat cookies!) but I'm not a very good commenter! Sorry for that! Anyway, I'm going to put some beans on to soak tonight...all of my favorite flavors in this sauce...can't wait to try it!


Yulinka-I will be interested to read about what you think of it-I'm going to try it on some marinated lamb kebabs tonight.
Bakerina- You are a dear. The jam arrived and it is beautiful. I'm trying to save my jar until the fresh strawberries have definitely disappeared. This is not easy. I have put the redfox's jar in the cupboard with some other things for her birthday box. If the Evil Mum Within does not emerge before mid-July and devour it, she will get some for her 31st.
Welcome Katie. Aren't the buckwheat cookies lovely? We can thank Lynn D. for those.


I love everything I've ever eaten that involves both sour and plums, so I'll definitely need to try this. I am not, on the whole, a fan of fennel, so I may need to leave it out, though I feel I should include it the first go-round.

Now I wish I'd brought some of my dried salted plums from Aji Ichiban to work with me today.


I actually recently purchased the green version of this sauce! For those of you who live, or at least occasionally find yourselves in, Brooklyn, the supermarket right by the Neck Road stop on the Q, which has a large selection of products from Russia and formerly soviet republics, has at least three different versions of this: green, yellow and red- and that's only in one brand! They also have a tomato-based hot sauce from Georgia (called simply "hot sauce number two") that's very good- tomatoes, garlic, coriander, dill, hot pepper- I highly recommend it.


Hi Lindy, I'm so glad you made tkemali, I've been meaning to for ages! We have the same problem with plums here as well, so I'll no longer see their lack of ripeness as a deterrent. Oh, and you'll be pleased to hear that you successfully sold me on 'Please to the Table' - I finally ordered it yesterday...

Baking Soda

Lindy I wanted to let you know that every post I read contains a surprise, and with almost anything I read here I make a mental note: should try that...soon!
I love the combination of sour and grilled so the addendum was definitely one for me!


update: loved,loved,loved the plum sauce with the beans... I'll be using some of the rest with grilled pork chops and fennel tomorrow. Thanks Lindy!

Thea Hardy

It's now two years since anyone has posted here, but when my Victoria plum's branches nearly broke from too many plums, I thinned them and have hard green plums so came hunting on the internet for recipes. I am going to try this - it will be a green version. I had forgotten my Georgian cookbook which I can't find right now, and forgot about tkemali, so I will use this recipe and am delighted to find it (again). I will try to report back on my results.


in russia we buy it canned. it definitely IS one of my favourites) thank sfor the recipe, i guess i will try and make it myself)

what about you, was it a success?

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