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June 25, 2006


Vicki in Michigan

You are correct, a golden delicious apple that is fresh from the tree is a nice crisp excellent eating apple. We get them at our farmers' market in the fall when they are picked (in southeast Michigan), and they are lovely, just then, to eat out-of-hand.


I'm always impressed by the number of things you make that are just completely different from what anyone else is making. You really explore a lot of interesting food.


This reminds me a little of bisteeya, the chicken pie, that is I think Moroccan. I've read recipes for it and it's sweetened like this one and I've always thought it sounded equally odd. But this seems like it's worth a try!

About golden delicious apples, I, too, scorned them until about a year or so ago when I began to include them in my applesauce mix because they seemed to add such sweetness and complexity of flavor. Like you I was surprised because I had always thought they were a particularly bland and insipid variety like their red sisters.

I know the farmers, or I should say, orchard keepers, down at the farmers' market, recommend eating certain varieties of apple shortly after bringing them home or they will lose crispness and the golden delicious must be one of them.


I love the apple/cheese/chard combination and the Golden Delicious really does come into it's own when cooked.

Baking Soda

I am with Julie here on your exploration of interesting dishes, love it! I like the Golden Delicious as an eating apple but I think they only have a short season in which they are really good. I meant to ask you about the proper names of fruit, for example I can buy lemons but the only thing I would know about these lemons is organic or not and not the variety. (Meyers? I wouldn't know) The only fruit that is properly labelled by their names here are apples and pears. Am I right in assuming that in the States the variety is almost always stated so you can go out and buy a certain plum/strawberry/lemon? I would love to see that here too.


Golden Delicious work very well indeed in cooked dishes - they are excellent for Tarte Tatin - because they don't fall to pieces. If you want fluffy apple for a crumble they are all wrong, ditto apple sauce. Which is why the French don't make apple crumble and think apple sauce with pork is a mad thing.

I like the sound of this picnic pie - it seems to contain all the necessities for a meal in one package!


Like you I have been very dismissive of Golden Delicious apples (not least because I grew up among the orchards in Kent and hated the fact that the local supermarkets stocked French GD's in the English apple season!). However last year I had a Golden Delicious picked straight of the tree and it was delicious. Like light molten honey.


Is the pastry really that easy to make? ;) You used a pastry blender, right?



There is nothing like the food that comes from a prized possession in the form of a cookbook. I'm not familiar with Mireielle Johnston, her cookbook sounds enchanting and this tourte ... wow!

the chocolate lady

What a wonderful post and picture, Lindy (I automatically did the color correction). For about six years now I've been promising myself that I'd try one of those spinach or chard desserts, but I always end up resolving I'll do it with the *next* bunch of chard (or spinach). Now that you've broken the blette barrier, I feel some courage stirring.

This post would be a suitable fit for the Weekend Cookbook Challenge (This month's theme is picnics) If that sort of thing might ever grab your interest.


vicki and baking soda-If I get a chance to try a fresh one, I definitely will.
julie-I think maybe I am just odd!
rebecca-I'm not sure if they are grown locally?
steven-do you know of other dishes with this combo?
june-it sort of does, except that, being sweet, it doesn't seem a whole meal to me. I wouldn't need to add much more to the picnic, though.
clare-now I really want to try a fresh one!
yulinka-it is easy-but it is not flaky at all-rather cakey in fact, with all the sugar, eggs, and presoftened butter.
ivonne-definitely recommended reading, in my book.
chocolate lady- many thanks.I hope you do try it, I'd be very interested to see what you think.

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