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July 16, 2006

Come Back Soon

Img_0729_6I'm off to State College, PA for the kind of revelatory annual meeting familiar to those of us fortunate enough to have spent serious chunks of our lives as civil servants. Actually, I do realize that in many respects I am fortunate in this regard, though it's pretty hard for me to believe that I have spent 15 years in the same job.. I am well aware that many, possibly even most people are employed at daily tasks that make them want to vomit, or fill them with dread. While I'd much rather spend my time doing other things, my job doesn't give me bad dreams. Often, it is even satisfying. But I'm afraid that doesn't make these shindigs any more enticing.

I hope to hit some farmstands and diners of note, and Clem's barbecue (which is en route), the Creamery with it's fabulous Ag School Ice Cream,see some minor league baseball, and possibly check out an interesting restaurant or two. I have no lap top- so any computer access will be pure luck.Most of my time, however, will be spent sitting in a straight back chair, listening to various self-important types offering their fabulous insights on how to read peoples' faces (totally bogus), how to write better decisions (as if anyone ever improved her writing based on a 45 minute power point presentation), and why we shouldn't discriminate against and harass one another. I'm bringing some knitting, work to do, and a novel. Actually, these meetings have improved quite a bit since the first one I went to 15 years ago.

Back then, there were only three other women in the state with this job, and everyone else was a middle aged or elderly white guy. Now there are 45 women- which is 50% of the total, and the occasional minority person, though there has been less progress in this regard. We stay in town, so we can drink as much as we like at night, and nobody needs to drive us home. Also, importantly, we can now breathe at the meetings, because no one is smoking. I am a not unsympathetic ex-smoker, myself, but it's a big change for the better. At my first meeting, I counted 10 guys with cigars, more puffing away happily on cigarettes, and zero windows! So this is all good. I'll be back next Thursday. I'll miss you.

Picture is what you see if you look up while leaving the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the Strip District.


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I hope you take some pictures at The Creamery! Try to stay awake through your edifying seminars.

We'll miss you too - come back with stories!

Have as much fun as possible, and please report back on the diners. I love American diners, they┬┤re so cool.

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