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July 11, 2006



I love stuff like this, I make pasta gratins out of leftovers all the time. I knew I wanted to buy those smoked pork chops I decided against!


I'm not quite sure why the Cauliflower Ears never registered with me before but THANK YOU for the link because that looks like deliciousness that I would very much enjoy for my dinner tonight. Ben's sister and boyfriend live in Providence and I'm just waiting for the special occasion that will prompt us to go up there and take them out to dinner at Al Forno because I've never been and am just champing at the bit to try.


Genius! All these years squabbling with my sister over the crusty cheese bit, and the answer was this simple! As big a brainwave as the famous muffin tops in Seinfeld.


Clearly, that which remains in the fridge translates to something better at your house than it does in most households. That looks like a great meal.


This looks so satisfying; I love combining ingredients in a savory casserole like this one. The only thing I would do differently is use panko instead of regular dry bread crumbs--they would make it that much crunchier. The smoked pork chop is brilliant!


cauliflower and cheese get along so very well, its my "go to" grumpy-boyfriend-meal
i never thought of adding smoked pork, that is brilliant!


steven-smoked pork chops come in handier for this sort of thing than pieces of store-ham- and I like them better, too, being a bit country ham snob. anyhow, I like to keep them around and use them in stuff like fried rice,too.
luisa-the cauliflower thing is a really big favorite of mine. You have to remember to be willing to burn it just a tiny bit..don't chicken out like I just did!
lobstersquad-sometimes I like the creamy insides of the traditional stuff, too-but I'm a fiend for crust.
julie-I have a feeling from reading your blog that's not precisely true!
rebecca-I'd have used panko, too, if I wasn't out. so I made my own-it was okay.
ann-I like smoked pork in ordinary mac and cheese too.


Hey! I have also made macaroni cheese recently. Please go to: www.windyscorner.info.

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