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July 14, 2006



There´s no such thing as too much pasta, rain or shine. I´ll wait a little before I make the cauliflower one from last post, though. The temperature has to drop at least 5 degrees for that.


Another winner and gemelli is one of my favorite pasta shapes, I like the thickness and the way it holds sauce.


This makes no sense to me whatsoever! I can see at least twenty peas in that picture. And gemelli with three ps is gepmelplip, which is more than a mouthful.

Looks tasty, though.


Looks excellent to me. Pasta is just good good.


Lucky you - we never got pea shoots in our CSA. Delectable things. I always order them in Chinese restaurants.


l'squad: I am a very bad woman and have been known to run the air conditioner against the stove.
steven: I like it, too-first time I've tried it. chewy.
'pestic: It's done with mirrors, eh? Pemippi, actually.
tanna: I would not disagree a bit, as you may have noticed.
Luisa: Do you have a recipe in that collection of yours for a chinese peashoots dish? I'd love to see one.



What gorgeous pasta! Gemelli are one of my favourite types and I just love how they look with the green ... delicious!


This looks like the perfect refreshing summer pasta dinner; but I have to confess, I don't even know what a pea shoot is and would have thought it was some kind of schoolboy weapon until now. I love the mint in it and wish I could have eaten some of this instead of the pint of Haagen-Dasz that I did just finish for my dinner (even though this black raspberry chip flavor they have is darn good!)


I love the shape of the pasta you used, I don't thinkI have ever seen it before. It's beautiful.


Wait, it's possible to overdue it with the pasta? I had no idea.

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