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July 28, 2006



I think your problem was the cold oven. It all sounds delicious and I would have eaten every bite.


I've never tried freezing a pie, but my mother used to freeze just the filling, wrapped in foil. She'd put the foil into the pie plate, fill it with the fruit mixture, freeze until solid, then remove it from the pie plate, wrap tightly and store in the big freezer. I think she would put the frozen fillings unthawed in freshly made crust and bake a bit longer. I should check with her. It was a time-saver, especially with fillings that are a lot of work, like peach or cherry. But you wouldn't have the trouble you had with your crust, I don't think.


Beautiful pie!

Raspberry Sour

Hi Lindy, thanks for the post. I always love listening in on someone else's kitchen thought process. It's funny how sometimes the littlest things trip you up- you can figure out a complicated recipe, but then get stuck on when to turn on the oven. That's one of the things I love and hate the most about cooking.

The pie sounds great. I too have an elaborate fan system set up to get me through the summer (right now, I'm on an intensive tart kick), but somehow, I'm the only one who's impressed with my so-called cooling methods. Everyone else just screams "enough already."

Cheers, RS


steven-yup. Think that was the problem.
rebecca-I can see that would work if you made a whole lot of pies. But for me, the part I most want done ahead is the crust. I've done just freezing the crust, and it's come out fine, especially with flat tart shells. I feel like the filling really never takes that long. I'm going to try another whole unbaked frozen pie in a metal pan, and see if it works better for me.
fran-Thank you; you are kind.
RS- Everyone I know seems to have very specific issues with temperature..some always too hot, others always too cold. People who are otherwise tolerant tend to act as if those who differ from them on this are nuts. I tend slightly to the side of always feeling a little too warm, myself. But for fruit pies...


The idea of peaches and cream pie makes my mouth water, and your pie looks very pretty.

My MIL is a demon pie maker and I know she freezes apple pies and berry pies, unbaked, then puts them in the oven still frozen. Seems to work very well.


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